Excellent Customer Experience

Excellent Customer Experience

Use sensors to monitor your clients’ behavior and mood, address them with personalized advertising, adapt the branch’s interior to their needs, customize services for them, and so on.

Retail can’t get by without the latest technology. Customers, especially the younger generation, expect modern and innovative solutions that provide them with personalized offers and high comfort. You can meet their needs. We’ll help you improve the quality of your customer service, and thus increase your sales.

Personal contact with maximum comfort

Digitalization, including the Internet of Things, will help you enhance the overall impression your customers are given and gain their confidence. We can help you in the following areas or design a digital scenario just for you.

  • Personalized offers/advertising – using IoT technologies, we can establish anonymous facts about your potential customers (age, gender) and show them personalized offers using interactive displays distributed around the store or shopping center.
  • Store location/local offers – using integrated data from various industries (for example, telecoms data), we can define target customer groups who live or move around certain locations and, more specifically, who visit your local stores. We’ll compile their demographic profile and help you choose the right place to open your next store or assemble an optimal product selection in your existing locations.
  • Interior design and customer care – thanks to knowledge of demographics and technologies that can identify visitors’ moods and any anomalous behavior, we can evaluate how satisfied they are with, for example, the products on offer, how goods are arranged on the shelves, and the service provided by your employees. Improve the interior of your store or shopping center as well as your customer care.
  • No-queue payments – we’ll help you optimize your employees’ shifts. Open and close cash desks according to the number of customers in your store at any given time so nobody needs to wait.
  • Benchmarking stores – we can monitor your employees’ workload, store traffic, and sales and thus optimize work shifts, opening hours, and even product offers. You can then start comparing individual stores with each other. Take advantage of proven, hard data and forget about feelings or estimates.
  • Proximity marketing and navigation – using a visually appealing and user-friendly mobile app, we’ll bring your customers directly to you whether they’re on the street or in the shopping center. We’ll show them important information (such as opening hours or store traffic), current promotions, and discount coupons that they can use in your store.

60% of consumers would like a personalized shopping experience with real-time offers. (Source: Accenture)

Pepper, a humanoid robot

Can you imagine a friendly humanoid robot greeting your customers when they enter your store or move into an information corner, showing them current offers, or directing them to the goods or services they’re looking for? Take a look at how it works:

Pepper is an associate who can communicate with your visitors in natural language. He recognizes human emotions and adapts his own reactions accordingly. Adastra, as partner of Soft Bank Robotics Europe (SBRE, leader in humanoid robotics), provides Pepper with full software support.

We’ll train Pepper to meet all your and your customers’ needs. You can also use his services as a short-term rental on special occasions, such as opening a new shopping center.

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