We can help you comply with GDPR requirements


With our help, define, map and manage personal data and customers’ consent to process them on your data platforms (both in databases and in files).

Most of the companies work with their clients’ personal data. They often have at their disposal even extremely sensitive details, such as the state of health. Handle all this information efficiently, and thus avoid customer complaints regarding the misuse of personal information, problems during inspections from the authorities, lengthy legal disputes, and high fines.

We’ll review, audit and upgrade

Verify that all your operational and IT processes related to the European GDPR legislation are well worked out and functioning properly, that you’re handling consents correctly, that you can find your clients’ personal data across your systems, and that you’re able to delete it from all your systems and databases within the legal timeframe.

Fend off sleepless nights, astronomical fines, or just unnecessary inconveniences. Turn to us for a technological audit of your internal GDPR processes. We’ll review the systems and processes you already have in place and, if we find any inconsistencies or gaps, suggest how to proceed in your specific case. We’ll then help you implement and deploy the new, adjusted GDPR processes in your existing databases, files, systems, and so on.

Devote your time to your core business; leave the technical aspects of GDPR and its integration into your IT architecture to us.


In the first four months after GDPR came into effect, the Office for Personal Data Protection (ÚOOÚ) opened 16 cases and dealt with more than 1,600 complaints

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