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The perfect information ecosystem for your business

Need to reduce costs or increase sales? Secure your goods? Or get to know your customers better? The Internet of Things is and will continue to drive modern business, from manufacturing to logistics to retail. But to make it easier to operate and bring you savings, you need to work smartly with it and know-how to put the volume of data you collect to practical use. Adastra, as a major systems integrator, can help you do just that.

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Benefits for your business


Higher sales

From campaigns, customized product mix, replenishment optimization and POS costs.


Lower costs

Save on labour and transport, and make the most of pallets and packaging.


Efficient logistics

Optimise storage, picking, transport and delivery.


Real costumer data

Map the customer journey in detail; get demographic data and hot spots of movement. 


Goods protection

You can keep an eye on the conditions of transport and handling of your goods around the clock.


Powerful campaigns

Target and evaluate campaigns effectively, tailor the product mix to local customers.

Digital data from real world

Cheaper transport, warehouse organisation, goods protection, customer journey mapping, valuable demographic data for more effective marketing campaigns. All this is gained by integrating IoT into your business processes. 

Adastra delivers IoT solutions to companies across continents and industries. We deliver a maximally comprehensive ecosystem in minimal time. From cameras and sensors to a central IoT platform and accessible user applications. In addition, each individual tool can be quickly adapted to any specific requirements.

In addition to off-the-shelf solutions, we also offer customized development of unique tools and expert services across all phases and components of digitalization. We will provide you with an initial needs analysis, the selection of a suitable solution and a long-term reliable service. For each order we verify the functionality of the selected solution (Proof of Concept). 

Would you like to see our IoT tools in operation? We will be happy to arrange a workshop or demonstration of all the devices (Adastra, Mississippi House, Karolinská 706/3, Prague 8 - Karlín).


Industrial facilities






Buildings and areas


Ready-made IoT solutions

Customized IoT solutions and consulting

Consultancy services

Are you planning to use the Internet of Things in your business? But you don't know where and how to start or you are not sure about your strategy? Our professional consulting services include a detailed needs analysis, implementation and optimization of solutions so that all business processes use the data obtained in practice.

Prototype development

Need specific data but haven't found the right IoT device? Perhaps the end-to-end development of a unique customized tool is the solution. Our prototypes are always built on detailed analysis and research to ensure the final product stands up to rigorous testing, on time and on budget. Our offer include servicing the entire solution.









Case studies

Plzeňský Prazdroj: Goods in stores are placed precisely where the customer expects them



unique measuring devices by Adastra


stores that map the customer experience in detail

Good beer must not only be brewed well but also offered to customers in appropriate ways according to their preferences. Therefore, Plzeňský Prazdroj was looking for a technological solution to continuously measure customer behavior in stores and interest in the brand's goods on display.

For this project, they approached Adastra, which has developed a unique solution in the domestic market that uses intelligent sensors and smart scales placed on pallets, racks, and refrigerators. The system allows for monitoring in different parts of the store where customers most often take goods from or are not interested in them. In cooperation with the retailers, Prazdroj can optimize the offer and placement of goods on the sales floor, which is also beneficial for the store. The benefit for the customer is that they will find their product exactly where they expect it and in the form they prefer.

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