Customer analysis

Better customer experience with IoT

Who is your customer? Is it more women, men, old or young? Get valuable demographic data while complying with the strictest privacy regulations and GDPR. With our state-of-the-art video platform, you can accurately analyze visitor behavior, optimize store or building usage, and improve the customer experience. By advertising more appropriately or by reducing queues.

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Benefits for your business


Customer journey

You will map the customer journey in detail and be able to target your advertising campaigns more precisely.



Modern CCTV cameras will support the safety of visitors in monitored areas.


Efficient use of space

No more crowded spaces, motion detection hot spots where you can more easily plan your cleaning, for example. 


Konverze návštěvníků

How many people did your ad reach in a given space? You have all the data in real time. 


No queues

You will always know when to open the next till based on the number of customers and avoid queues. 

In the mall: without queues and safer

Get to know your customers and visitors. Where do they like to shop, how long, at what time of day, which advertising caught their attention, where and why they waited in line. 

Thanks to data from our IoT platform with video analytics, you can provide them with a convenient and safe shopping experience, without queues, without crowded stores. We work with cameras with 3D sensors and modern CCTV security cameras. In addition, the equipment can be supplemented with an infrared sensor. Data analysis can then be found in a clear application. 

All data collected is anonymous and its processing complies with the strictest applicable legislation and GDPR.

  • accurate data on the number of visitors to the building
  • prevention of major crowding, including checkout queues
  • valuable demographic data and statistics on visitors, including gender, age, emotions 
  • the possibility of linking to interactive displays 








Plzeňský Prazdroj: Goods in stores are placed precisely where the customer expects them



unique measuring devices by Adastra


stores that map the customer experience in detail

Good beer must not only be brewed well but also offered to customers in appropriate ways according to their preferences. Therefore, Plzeňský Prazdroj was looking for a technological solution to continuously measure customer behavior in stores and interest in the brand's goods on display.

For this project, they approached Adastra, which has developed a unique solution in the domestic market that uses intelligent sensors and smart scales placed on pallets, racks, and refrigerators. The system allows for monitoring in different parts of the store where customers most often take goods from or are not interested in them. In cooperation with the retailers, Prazdroj can optimize the offer and placement of goods on the sales floor, which is also beneficial for the store. The benefit for the customer is that they will find their product exactly where they expect it and in the form they prefer.


Camera/3D Sensor

Unrivalled visitor analysis.

Comprehensive, compact and self-contained device for capturing and using IoT data. Ideal for people counting. 
  • two wide-angle lenses
  • edge computer with firmware, including AI algorithms
  • ceiling mounted sensors, adaptable to light conditions
  • can be added with an infrared camera
  • GDPR compliant data processing

CCTV Camera

Universal sensor especially suitable for security monitoring.

The camera provides a video stream that is processed by an application running on another computer (Edge Gateway). 
  • CCTV cameras
  • wall and ceiling mounting (side view)
  • can be supplemented with an infrared camera
  • GDPR compliant data processing

People counter

So-called traffic monitoring supplies basic anonymous data on the number of visitors.
The camera contains an infrared sensor that detects body temperature. Based on this data, it then estimates the fluctuation of visitors in a given area. 



Improve your customers' experience with IoT solutions from Adastra.

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