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At Adastra, we know that the future of banking lies in data. We'll help you make the most of it. Become a data-driven company. Maximize profit, minimize risk. Be efficient.

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A comprehensive suite of services and solutions for the financial sector to facilitate the transition to the digital era

With its unique combination of skills and competencies, Adastra covers the full breadth of digital transformation.

  1. Hands-on practical experience.
  2. A combination of business and IT experts provide a strategy where technical solutions go hand in hand with business objectives.
  3. An end-to-end partner for your digital transformation: From strategy to implementation and support, we are your partner for your journey to digital transformation.



millions end users of one of our apps


digital transformation projects


countries in which we have run digital projects


years of experience in facilitating digital transformation

Digital transformation projects deliver concrete results. Get inspired!

5 mins

instead of hours to onboard customers


increase in successful prediction user behavior


annual increase in customer base


increase of operating income


decrease of paper use across the whole company

2 mins

for account opening or loan approval

Case studies

MetLife: 3x increase in work productivity after replacing paper onboarding with a completely digital process



more effective work productivity


reduced paper usage

From architecture design to analytics and development, we created an app for insurance agents for all platforms with a user-friendly interface. 

  • A reduction in errors has significantly increased the productivity of business processes.
  • Paper consumption has reduced by 90%.
  • Over 3,000 forms were completed within the first month, resulting in higher profits for the company. 

Digital customer relationship marketing: Almost one-fifth increase in the number of completed loan applications



customer profile


increase in the number of completed loan applications

We implemented a digital campaign management platform for a banking and lending company. It creates a single 360°profile of the customer based on all their interactions across all channels, providing real-time 1:1 management of personalised omnichannel campaigns.

The result was an ideal mix of offline and online campaigns that unified all communication towards the customer across all channels in real time.  The client was able to leverage a combination of visitor, CRM and data warehouse data

Credit company: filling out forms takes only half the time thanks to digital onboarding



faster filling of the form


more effective cross-sell

Pro vedoucí společnost v oblasti spotřebních úvěrů jsme zajišťovali digitální transformaci papírového onboarding procesu.

Výsledkem bylo nejen rychlé uvedení na trh, ale také poloviční čas potřebný pro vyplnění formulářů a třikrát efektivnější cross-selling.

Tatra banka: double-digit growth in online sales in a few months



month to return the original POC investment

Tatra banka wanted to maximize the potential revenue from online sales. 

We implemented the Bloomreach platform to analyse online behaviour, collect and prioritise leads from public areas of the website.  

Tatra banka leveraged the features of behavioural analytics CRM, digital campaign management, web personalization and omnichannel orchestration.  

As a result, it achieved strong double-digit growth in digital compared to the control group in terms of cross-sell ratio of core customers within a few months. 

Adastra DWH-IN-THE-BOX: Complete financial data warehouse and reporting delivered within three months



It took only 3 months to deliver the complete solution

We developed a financial data warehouse and reporting platform for a leading investment and debt recovery company. The ADASTRA DWH-IN-THE-BOX solution fulfills common business requirements in a set of standardized and customized technologies. 

The result was faster time to market, enthusiastic finance users, quality, reliability, automation. 

The client also appreciated all the necessary components in one place (BWF, ETL, DWH, OLAP, Reporting). 

Dynatrace platform: Up to 90% faster problem identification and resolution



faster problem identification and resolution

We provide application monitoring for clients from banks, insurance companies, telcos and e-commerce. We have implemented Dynatrace for them - a platform that offers end-to-end insight into critical applications and digital user experience. With AI, it enables quick and easy decisions on actions taken. According to Gartner, the Dynatrace platform is a leader in its field. 

  • Automated problem detection (end of war room solutions) 
  • Problem capture during development and testing (CI/CD trigger) 
  • Visibility of business impact 
  • Quickly explain the root cause of a problem 
  • Clear notifications and automatic self-solving of problems

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