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Clients change insurers every year and with every holiday trip, the complexity of your operations is growing... Insurance is one of the sectors where digitalization brings the most challenges – and also most benefits. With a strategical plan, you can transform your insurance company into digital-first, client-first institution that will profit from emerging technologies that will bring it competitive advantage.

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Benefits we bring to our clients


minutes to onboard clients


reduction of false-positive claims


increase in successful predictions of behaviour


increase of operating income

Why choose Adastra for insurance sector

Step by step, we’ll digitalize your current processes and modernize your applications and systems. We focus on the conceptual improvement of your technologies to benefit your business. We know how to design tailored solutions that support new services and innovative approaches. We prepare solutions that retain clients, increase their loyalty and make it easier to react together their needs within their life cycle.

The future of insurance revolves around complete and accurate data, automated processes, and a digitized insurance experience that put the customer first. As technologies such as Cloud and AI allow insurers to journey further down this road, leaders must begin innovating or risk being left behind.

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