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Smart Retail Solutions

Improve your logistics with a real time notifications and customized reporting with full control over your goods and reusable packaging transport and manipulation.

1guard sensor: IoT powered


1guard guarantee successful delivery and prevent losses, damages or theft of your goods

Meet 1guard, a unique multi-sensor device with integrated wireless IoT connectivity in a compact box that can be placed on any secondary packaging (pallet, box, cage, container, trolley, etc.) or on the goods itself providing the full product journey autobiography, from manufacturing facility all the way to the final customer. The platform delivers real-time alerts about incidents beyond preset parameters or customized dashboards to analyze trends and improve the logistic process.​​​​​​​

1guard tracks and notifies

  • Localization indoor and outdoor
  • Move detection and notifications
  • Ambient temperature (and optionally humidity)
  • Unauthorized manipulation
  • Jolt, tilt and shock
  • Package opening
  • Way-bill upload

Benefits of the solution

  • 100% control of goods & shipments thanks to real time notifications
  • Guarantee successful delivery
  • Transparent logistic processes and improved efficiencies
  • Damage and loss prevention
  • Reduced cost and waste
  • Better utilization of pallets and packaging
  • Battery-powered mobile IoT device with wireless connection
  • Driving circular solutions and reducing carbon footprint

Data-driven decision-making

1guard gives you autobiography of your product journey with incidents notification. Thanks to gained data, you can make informed decisions. 


You get answers to these questions:

  • Did my shipment undergo damage, shocks, and unacceptable temperature condition during the transport?
  • Where are my goods at this very moment so I can plan subsequent activities after the delivery?
  • Am I using my resources in an optimal way, so I can save cost and reduce our environmental impact?

Case study:

Manufacturing company IMI CCI increased quality of their delivery with 1guard


IMI CCI has successfully implemented in a test run the Smart Palette solution that combines the 1guard sensor integrated in environmentally friendly pallets made from 100% mixed plastic recyclate. 

Thanks to this unique product, IMI CCI’s staff gained an overview of the current location of their products, and information on whether the equipment being delivered was en route or had already arrived at its destination logistics facility. The Smart Pallet solution is very reliable, it allows the company to significantly improve the quality of the deliveries and control transport conditions and quickly resolve any difficulties that can never be 100% avoided. The environmental dimension of the solution is also very much appreciated. IMI CCI is planning further steps for its deployment in their logistics process.

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Adéla Mikschiková

Business Development Manager IoT

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Digital Retail Division Director