Indoor Conditions Monitoring

Guarantee the quality of your product placement conditions and positive customer experience

Smart Retail Solutions

Measure easily shopping environment conditions that are influencing quality of products and services which is critical for positive customer experience. 

Multi-sensor platform: IoT powered


Our unique IoT platform allows multi-sensor application to measure various indoor conditions according to your specific needs. Integrated wireless connectivity and low power battery run devices deliver real-time alerts about conditions beyond preset parameters and customized reporting complying with your audit requirements. Flexible mounting and modularity of the system allows simple installation applicable within your existing infrastructure and optional data integration to streamline your internal process.

Multi-sensor tracks and notifies

  • Non-compliant temperature
  • Uncomfortable humidity with stuffy air (CO2)
  • Dust
  • Inadequate light conditions

Benefits of the solution

  • 100% control over your product display and storage conditions
  • Automatic data collection for audit and legal compliance reporting
  • Real-time alerts for deviations from predefined conditions
  • Comfortable indoor environment for your staff and positive customer experience
  • Online data for predictive maintenance and anomalies detection
  • Non-invasive installation and low power IoT devices
  • Wireless connection without cabling
  • Reducing cost and energy consumption

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Adéla Mikschiková

Business Development Manager IoT

Petr Blabla

Digital Retail Division Director