Are you worried about lost, stolen or damaged goods? Invest in a Smart pallet solution powered by the Internet of Things technology, and get your goods and containers, pallets and other manipulation units under control.

Smart pallet solution combines an ecological product - pallets made from 100% mixed plastic recycled material by Stabilplastik - with Adastra´s technological solution enabling the localization of pallets and monitoring of transport conditions.

Thanks to all this, you keep track of where the goods are located and whether they are transported and stored in optimal conditions. With this solution you will prevent the most common problems, which are:



What is happening to the goods? Detection of improper handling, such as big shock and incorrect tilt.



Where are the goods located? Pallet localization and monitoring of the pallet position at given time. Monitoring of entering/leaving the defined area.



What is the condition of the goods? External environment influence, overview of ambient humidity and temperature, control of storage and transport conditions.

Smart pallet Application


Offers a perfect overview of detailed information per pallet.

Provides an overview of the current position and route of all pallets.

Stores data for further analysis and intuitive reporting.

Sends notifications in case of unexpected events.

Benefits of the solution


use of pallets and better control and planning of deliveries


due to destruction, mishandling or inadequate transport conditions


of buying new pallets constantly and servicing existing ones


of conditions of goods during transport

Smart Pallet solution is very reliable, it allows us to significantly increase the quality of our deliveries. We plan further steps for its deployment in our logistics process. It also gives us the opportunity to control transport conditions and quickly resolve any difficulties that can never be 100% avoided. I really appreciate the ecological aspect of the whole solution, too.

Radim Olejníček, Senior Logistics Supervisor, IMI CCI

How does it work


Smart pallet is equipped with a device with sensors that collects the necessary data. It monitors position, shocks, tilts, and ambient temperature.

IoT network

The IoT network transmits data from the sensors to the Smart pallet platform. The Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) based IoT network enables long-distance data transmission with low power consumption.

IoT platform

The Smart pallet platform receives, processes and stores data from all the devices. This data is available to users through a user application.

User application

The collected data is sent to the user application or to internal systems. The application let you evaluate the data and make effective decisions based on them.


Companies participating in the solution


Adastra is an international consulting company that creates functional solutions in various sectors, facilitating the transition to the digital era. Since its inception in the year 2000, Adastra has focused on data processing, analysis and warehousing. Data remains at the core of the company’s activities. The company has its own IoT team, which is dedicated to the research and testing of new sensors, processing and integration of sensor data with the IoT platform and the possibilities of using this data for various scenarios or the needs of customers. Smart pallet is one of the company's solutions.


Stabilplastik manufactures highly durable, timeless pallets made of 100% recycled mix plastic, which are resistant to moisture, insects, mold and most common chemicals, are washable and without fasteners. The pallets can be 100% recycled again.

The main advantages of ecological pallets:

  • are durable and have no nails
  • are difficult to be mistaken for another type
  • may be branded with the company logo
  • save the environment and are hygienic

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Adéla Mikschiková

Business Development Manager IoT

Patrik Luxemburk

Executive at Stabilplastik