Map the movement of goods in transit, warehouses and stores

Everything under control. Whether you need to optimize shipping, warehousing or order picking by employees - you can do it with smart IoT. In addition, our device delivers real-time information about transport violations, improper handling or temperature. 

up to 30 km

daily walked employees when completing
online orders


more efficient and faster entire order process

3 instead of 1

order can be handled by employees at the same time

Benefits for your business


Efficient transport

Optimise logistics, transport and storage.



24/7 visibility of the movement of people and goods, including information of improper handling



Add additional devices and sensors, including a thermometer or gyroscope. Easily. 


Lower costs

You save on labour and transport, and make the most of packaging and storage.


Faster order processing

Instead of one order, you can complete three orders in one trip to the warehouse.


Real data

Exact number of visitors, basic demographic data in line with GDPR, hot spots of movement, etc.

Locate any object to within centimetres

With Adastra's IoT solution, you'll be able to enhance the security of people and goods, preventing misuse and damage. Optimize its movement so that, for example, order picking is as fast as possible, up to 3 times.

In addition, when locating visitors or employees, you will have valuable insight into their behavior and movements, in compliance with current data protection regulations.

With our tools, you can track forklifts, packages, products and other valuable equipment and materials. With accuracy down to 50 centimetres.

To track moving objects, simply mark them with a special tag, install the tracking device in the building or area in question. The system processes all data into clear 3D visualizations and analyses.


Industrial facilities






Buildings and areas



UWB Real-Time Location System (RTLS) 



lifetime of the tracking label


average range of the device

The localization system consists of separate tracking tags for goods, wall sensors and RTLS studio for data processing. The movement of the tagged objects is immediately recorded by the sensors. The application then clearly displays the specific tag positions, all records and configurations, diagnostics, real-time 3D data visualization, analysis, etc.

Additional sensors can be added to the device, including accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, altimeter, thermometer, etc.

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