Sales monitoring

IoT is the future of retail

You think you know your clients, but basically you only know the numbers to sales. A huge part of the retail customer journey is simply missing. Until now. Today, thanks to IoT, you instantly know which POS are selling and which are just taking up space. Modern retail is not just based on perceived feelings, but on supporting data.

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Benefits for your business


Customer journey 

Find out where do you sell the most/least in your store and why, how many people your POS reaches and who your target audience is.


Higher sales

Maximum support for stores and specific areas that sell the most.


Lower costs

Don't pay unnecessarily for advertising media and POS systems that clients pass by.


Effective campaigns

Tailored campaigns and product mix, optimizing POS costs.


Unique equipment

Smart shelf (sales and display occupancy data) and smart scale (campaign success and sales from POS).


Real-time data

Continuous sales information across locations, channels and replenishment alerts.

You don't need inaccurate and expensive marketing surveys from stores anymore

You have three POS displays at your local supermarket. Which one sells the most? The one at the entrance, the one in the middle, or the one at the cash register? Do you sell more in the morning or in the morning? Are you sure your goods were on the shelves in sufficient numbers? Do you know? With us, you always have all the data from all POS in real time at your fingertips. 

Our non-invasive, wireless device is battery-powered and does not limit your existing POS infrastructure in any way. Simply place the POS display on our scanner, connect to our dashboard app, and have a nonstop view of sales and customer behavior. 

Quick to implement, easy to integrate into your existing processes - no risk to business continuity. 






Plzeňský Prazdroj: Goods in stores are placed precisely where the customer expects them



unique measuring devices by Adastra


stores that map the customer experience in detail

Good beer must not only be brewed well but also offered to customers in appropriate ways according to their preferences. Therefore, Plzeňský Prazdroj was looking for a technological solution to continuously measure customer behavior in stores and interest in the brand's goods on display.

For this project, they approached Adastra, which has developed a unique solution in the domestic market that uses intelligent sensors and smart scales placed on pallets, racks, and refrigerators. The system allows for monitoring in different parts of the store where customers most often take goods from or are not interested in them. In cooperation with the retailers, Prazdroj can optimize the offer and placement of goods on the sales floor, which is also beneficial for the store. The benefit for the customer is that they will find their product exactly where they expect it and in the form they prefer.

For the first time ever, physical retail has the ability to get continuous data from stores on customer behaviour.

Ivana Karhanová, CMO (Adastra)


Smart shelf

96 %

accuracy of measured data

Get accurate data on which shelves are selling the most of your goods. Then you can easily plan your supply and marketing campaign.

Smart Shelf's patented printed pressure sensor technology monitors the load on each shelf of products over time. A non-invasive solution with customizable dashboards in our unique IoT platform that provides real-time information.

You'll have visibility into customer behavior and loyalty, more accurately evaluate campaigns, and set secondary placement and product category strategies based on real data

  • sensors monitor the load of each shelf with products over time
  • records any movement of the product on the shelf 
  • all data can be found in a clear dashboard or in app notifications
  • you can make quick decisions about restocking, analyze sales trends, model predictions
  • the device is battery powered and has low power consumption
  • reduce waste and carbon footprint 

Smart scale


What do you expect from a POS display? To position it so that it sells the most goods. But where is that place? 

Meet Adastra's Smart Scale - a mobile device with customizable dashboards in a unique IoT platform that delivers real-time information. 

You can place the integrated scale pad anywhere - on POS displays and pallets. You will then know all the details of the sales at a specific location in the store in real time. Finally, you will be able to build product campaigns on real data and optimize logistics.

The device can be placed on any substrate and connected to other sensors and technologies. 

Data processing is compliant with current legislation and GDPR.

  • higher sales
  • more effective campaigns 
  • detailed customer journey in retail
  • optimising inventory and logistics efficiency
  • real-time notifications for merchandising and restocking
  • supporting eco-friendly solutions and reducing carbon footprint
  • wireless, battery-powered devices






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