Shipment monitoring

Goods shipped on time, without damage and at minimal cost

Is the shipping of your goods not going as it should? Shipments are damaged, don't arrive on time and customers are dissatisfied? In addition, logistics is sensitive to rising fuel prices and (together with packaging) generates a significant environmental burden. Optimize everything with a single smart device. 

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Faster transport

Optimisation of logistics and transport by truck and ship.


Goods protection

You have an overview of the transport and handling conditions around the clock.



Additional devices and sensors can be added, including a light sensor to alert you when the packaging is damaged.


Lower costs

You save on labour, pallets, containers, packaging and transport. Eliminate damage to goods.


Quality and delivery guarantee

Effective prevention of damage, loss and delay of shipments.


Ecological solution

Reducing carbon footprint and waste, battery power with a lifespan of several years.

Goods are most often damaged during loading and transport

The Internet of Things can significantly improve logistics in your company. Tracking shipments using modern technologies and data from IoT devices reduces costs and environmental burden. In turn, it improves the protection of goods, ensures timely delivery and thus customer satisfaction. 

With our equipment you will have a 24/7 overview of the shipment's movement, where it is and when it will arrive at its destination. In addition, the system will alert you to improper transport conditions or improper handling. 

In addition, additional devices and sensors can be added to the basic package to warn of, for example, damaged packaging, high humidity, tampering, locate goods indoors, etc. 


Industrial facilities






Supply chains



1Guard & IoT platform

50 %

savings in future investments in assets

10 %

lower loss rate

100 % control over the shipment. This is the combination of 1Guard and Adastra's IoT platform. 

The 1Guard wireless solution routes all real-time data about the position or status of a shipment to a cloud-based IoT platform that integrates all processes, processing it into individual feeds for websites, apps, dashboards and user notifications. 

Thanks to the light sensor, it is also possible to detect unpacking of goods or damage to packaging. The appearance and functionality of the system is variable and can be adapted to the client's requirements. 

Smart Palette

43 %

companies consider shipment routing to be absolutely crucial

100 %

plastic recyclate

Have a perfect overview and detailed information about each pallet of goods. From the current location to ambient temperature and humidity information to notifications in case of sudden events.

Are you suffering from lost, stolen or damaged goods? Do you want to simplify logistics and reduce the costs and risks associated with it? Do you want to have near real-time information about goods and transport units? Smart Pallete with IoT technology enables advanced logistics optimization. You can track your crates, containers and pallets.

  • perfect overview and detailed information about each pallet
  • overview of the current location and routes of all pallets
  • information on ambient temperature and humidity
  • data for further evaluation and clear reporting
  • notification in case of sudden events

The Smart Pallete solution combines an environmentally friendly product - pallets from Stabilplastik made from 100% mixed plastic recyclate - with our technology solution that enables pallet location and tracking of transport conditions. This gives you an overview of where the goods are and whether they are transported and stored in optimal conditions. 

The Smart Pallete solution is very reliable, it allows us to significantly improve the quality of our deliveries and we are planning further steps for its deployment in our logistics process. It also gives us the ability to control transport conditions and quickly resolve any difficulties that can never be 100% avoided. I also very much appreciate the ecological dimension of the solution.

Radim Olejníček, Senior Logistics Supervisor, IMI CCI

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