Smart Retail Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology measures and predicts new trends in customer shopping behavior.

The world of logistics and shopping has changed dramatically during the pandemic, and with it the way people buy and procure goods and services. People have developed new shopping habits, retailers and logistics companies have had to adapt to the new situation. Digital technology is one of the pillars to cope successfully with the new situation, to keep your business running and to focus on greater efficiency.

With IoT solutions, you get to know your customers and better understand their needs and expectations. You can easily track the movement of goods, improve logistics, optimize store placement, and evaluate marketing campaigns. The data you collect will then allow you to offer a better service.

Have the same data as you have about your online campaigns efficiency from brick-and-mortar shops

Enhance customer experience

Smart retail solutions


The solutions offered by the Smart retail family are loaded on a device equipped with sensors that tracks goods, their location or movement, and sends data wirelessly to the IoT network.

The data is then evaluated and sent to a platform that sends alerts, which can be acted upon immediately. This data can also be displayed on comprehensive dashboards for long-term evaluation and decision-making for further innovations.

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