Smart Scale

Increase sales and distribution efficiencies with products occupancy monitoring

Smart Retail Solutions

Find the best-selling retail spot for your POS display and evaluate quickly which campaign attracts the most customers. Shift our Smart Scales around the store to find out and make data-based decisions for your product campaign or logistics optimization.  

Smart Scale platform: IoT powered

Meet Smart Scale, a mobile device with customizable dashboards in our unique IoT platform to provide a real-time information. 

Smart Scale is a unique application of weigher strain gauge technology integrated with IoT hub in a custom housing that can be placed under POS display or a pallet.

  • Can be placed under any existing POS display or pallet.
  • The device monitors the product load in time
  • Whenever you pick a product, the scale knows it and transmit the information
  • Customizable dashboard or application prompt to make decisisons on restocking and further analysis of sales trends using AI and predictive modelling. 
  • It is battery-powered device with wireless connection. 

Benefits of the solution

  • Sales increase and targeted campaigns
  • Customer behavior insight with mobility to measure anywhere in the store
  • Secondary placement ROI & success rate evaluation
  • Optimizing stock and logistics efficiencies
  • Real-time notifications for merchandising and stock replenishment
  • Driving circular solutions and reducing carbon footprint

Data-driven decision-making

Smart Scale gives you insight into your customers behavior. Thanks to gained data, you can make informed decisions. 


You get answers to these questions:

  • Do we run out of stock or missing on sales opportunities?
  • Which campaing or product placement triggers the most purchases? 
  • Where is the best-selling spot for our Point-of-Sale (POS) display?

Case study:

Global beverage producer measures campaign success based on secondary placement rotation


One of the leading global beverage producers has chosen the Smart Scale solution to gain better insight into consumers campaign response in shops. Nearly a hundred Smart Scales were in-stalled under pallets and POS displays in selected retail chains, monitoring how different products are sold across various in-store placements. The producer analyses this unique set of information received, compares it to sales campaigns to evaluate its effectiveness and makes decisions about marketing display of the goods, accordingly. Successful Proof of Concept project is being succeeded by larger-scale use of Smart Scale solution.

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Adéla Mikschiková

Business Development Manager IoT

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Digital Retail Division Director