We’ll digitalize your warehouses

Digital stock records

Find goods or stray stock items with an accurate mobile navigation.

Don’t let your staff fumble around looking for a product. Speed up and streamline your logistics processes, including issuing products to customers. Work with the exact location of goods in your warehouse or store using our mobile app.

Search for goods and monitor your inventory

Our solution will allow you to locate products with an accuracy of up to 10cm, and will quickly guide you straight to your target. We employ a wide range of technologies for both indoor and outdoor use (for example, RFID, Li-Fi, Wi-Fi, GPS, UWB, LoRaWAN, and so on), and we’ll recommend you the one that’s most suitable for you.

At the same time, the app can be used to inform your employees about other product parameters. You can, for example, connect to a warehouse card, monitor overall inventory levels on the shelves or in stock, or find alternatives to specific goods along with their precise locations.

Our solution will save a significant amount of time for your staff, which they would otherwise spend unloading or searching for items, and will thus increase the number of orders they’re able to handle.


Industry digitalization reduces storage costs by 20-50%. (Source: McKinsey)


A mobile app using augmented reality (AR) makes it possible to view detailed information about products (composition, prices, number of pieces in stock, color or product variations) right on the device’s display.

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Adéla Mikschiková

Business Development Manager IoT