Maintain a perfect overview of your warehouse


If a product isn’t on the shelf, IoT technologies will tell you with an accuracy of up to 10cm where to find it in the warehouse or whether an e-shop customer came to pick it up. We’ll choose the best technology for you to do this.

Don’t let your staff needlessly run around the warehouse or store looking for a product that might not even be on the shelf. Streamline your warehouse logistics and speed up the process of delivering goods to your customers. With our app, you’ll get a detailed overview of product locations, saving your employees’ time and increasing their efficiency.

Manage your stock effectively and efficiently

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large indoor warehouse, use outdoor retail or storage areas, or need to keep your products refrigerated or frozen. We can help you choose the right technology for the effective indoor or outdoor localization of any goods, whether building materials and components, technological devices, products for everyday use, food, or cars. Accuracy varies among individual technologies (for example, RFID, Li-Fi, Wi-Fi, GPS, UWB, LoRaWAN, and so on). Furthermore, each technology depends on the specific intended use (indoor/outdoor) and other conditions (for example, obstacles in the transmission path). We’ll select exactly the right technology for your uses and needs.

Our app makes it possible for you to locate products in real time, and quickly guides you straight to your goal – whichever item you’re looking for. Using this mobile app, you can see the exact route to the item in question and, at the same time, find out additional details such as its size and weight and determine appropriate means of transportation in advance.

Our solution will answer your most frequently asked questions:

  • Where exactly can the product be found?
  • How much material do we have at our disposal?
  • Is the product complete?
  • What’s the utilization rate for our logistics equipment?

RFID technology is accurate up to 30cm when locating a product, including through water or metal barriers. 


An adastra.one app using augmented reality in a warehouse.

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