Logistic optimization

We bring innovations into logistics.

We deliver solutions, that allow organizations to optimize logistics and warehouse management using IoT sensors, Big Data and AI powered solutions.

We leverage experience and expertise covering all aspects of the supply chain and warehousing, delivering value via operational costs decrease and safety features implementation.

How We Help Clients

Route Optimization

Our platform will help you to optimize your delivery routes and significantly cut down logistics costs. The platform can find optimal routes and cargo composition for your trucks in any region in the world, learn real-time loading and delivery times, and dynamically update route planning with new information. Of course, in case of unexpected traffic trouble or truck breakdowns, re-planning of routes is a single click away.


decrease of shipment costs

Container Loading Optimization

Companies transport enormous amounts of "air" in shipping containers every year. We optimize container loading procedures to increase overall utilization of container space and decrease logistics costs. Our experience from large manufacturers in CEE region shows, that it's possible to increase container space utilization by 5%.


Increased avg. volume loaded into container for large manufacturer in CEE

Safety Features Implementation

Development of new technologies such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence provide organizations with additional tools to improve safety and security levels within the logistics. We provide off-the-shelf video analytics solutions that will help you to protect the health and safety of your employees and visitors as well as protect your property.

Typical safety and security use cases in logistics are:

  • Exclusion Zone Breaches Detection

Prevent safety incidents with video analytics alerting your ground staff when exclusion zone breach is detected.

  • Detection of Anomalous Behavior

Notify your security if people in a vicinity of your warehouse behave in different way than expected.

  • Detection of Hazardous Situations

Detecting objects and events which are causing hazards like fire or accidents.

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