Video analytics powered by artificial intelligence. Meet the ultimate solution for your company´s safety - Macula platform

Key Benefits


Reduce-time-to action to seconds, with real-time tracking of people and comprehension of behavior


Eliminate security weaknesses and put an early warning system into place, thanks to the ability to process multiple parallel streams


Automate your video processing workflow and streamline the video analytics process


Keep the decision makers in charge; provide them with visualization and explanation of the issues detected


Safety during COVID, and after the pandemics, too

The video camera system in your store or branch can get super smart overnight. Just connect it to Macula, Adastra’s artificial intelligence video analytics platform. In real time, you will know if everybody is wearing masks and maintaining distance. Macula will be useful after the pandemic, too, e.g., to detect any suspicious movement. Safety for your employees and customers, peace of mind and incredible savings on operations for you.

Holistic insights into your business

How long are the queues? How do your customers move? Gain insight into your customers’ behavior, optimize your point-of-sale or branch with hard-data-based decisions. Don’t rely on your gut feeling: make your decision based on the smart insights from Macula. GDPR compliant and modular, so you can detect any events that are relevant to your business.




Directly utilizing your existing hardware, the platform can be set up on premises, in the cloud, or hosted. It comes with many detectors specialized in different types of behavior and environments and can easily by customized.

Client Case-Study

Monitoring anti-COVID-19 measures in a retail chain

A German retail chain wanted to comply with safety and security measures. A customized version of Macula detects people not wearing face masks and continuously monitors store capacity. It alerts the staff when capacity exceeds the permitted threshold. Thanks to Macula, the store was able to replace a security person at the entrance and saved 2,500 – 4,000 € per shop location per month.


Thanks to the replacement of security staff at the entrance, the retail chain saved up to 4,000 € per store per month.

"Persons behaving irregularly are detected within 5 seconds and security can proactively act upon an alert."

Major Czech bank

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