Mask-wearing detection

Wearing masks is an important part of fighting the spread of the coronavirus. In Europe, many countries have made it mandatory to wear them in closed public space. In order to help with the new regulations, and to help fight off the COVID-19 virus, SoftBank Robotics Europe unveils today Pepper’s new feature: mask detection.

Thanks to its cameras, Pepper can now scan faces of a group of people (up to 5 simultaneously) in order to check if they are wearing a mask. During the interaction, Pepper displays a green or red circle around the face on its tablet depending on whether the person is wearing a mask or not.

The AI algorithm can achieve a high score even on masks with complex patterns.

Covid 19 Mask wearing detection with Pepper the robot

SoftBank Robotics

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SoftBank Robotics

Adastra Slovakia as SoftBank Robotics Europe certified partner is already qualified to work on the integration of this new functionality. There is no retention and use of personal data.

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