Monetize data from mobile apps

Mobile information resources

Approach mobile apps as a rich information resource and monetize the data you gain from them, for example, in the form of client scoring.

These days, almost everyone uses a smartphone. And among the younger generation, millennials, and Generation Z, mobile tech seems to be an extension of their hands. They don’t just use their phones to call but, far more often, chat, share, Google, or watch videos. They also, of course, use them to shop and to sign contracts – all of it quickly, without unnecessary complications or lengthy forms.

Use what you know

Mobile apps aren’t just another communication channel for us, but a valuable and rich source of client data. People look online for things that interest them; they also try to arrange insurance and use calculators to compare services and their benefits. And their data remain in your systems.

Thanks to our solutions, you can effectively monitor what’s happening on your website or app, and “approach” users with targeted push notifications or campaigns. Your forms will “remember” what the customer entered last time and, when he or she returns, will automatically suggest the details that were filled in before. You’ll also be able to use predictive models and customer scoring to supplement the data you’ve gathered.

All the information we help you acquire can then be used and further processed for your internal purposes (such as assessing prices, risks, and sales conversion potential), as well as for external objectives and monetization, for example by selling customer scorecards.

At Adastra, we handle all the above. At the same time, we can create apps that connect to your systems and work as internal communication channels, sales channels, or just as reporting platforms.

Take advantage of our experience and start proactively communicating with your potential clients. Seize exactly the right moment to offer them a new product or service, perhaps with a financial incentive if if they take out an insurance policy within the next 2 days.

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Sales in sporting goods stores increased 125% on the day push notifications were sent.

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