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Time is constantly moving forward, and each year brings with it innovations in retail. Customers know this, and grow ever more demanding, expecting greater quality and better customer service every year. It is important to remain one step ahead of the competition, and always to bring something new to your customers

83 %

of customers say they prefer a personalized customer experience

20-30 %

of customers believe the use of tablets or other digital devices helps provide better customer service

55 %

of customers believe the use of tablets or other digital devices helps provide better customer service

The digital store brings


Better customer experience


Real-time data for better decision making


Prediction of the future


Overview of goods and what's going on in the store


More efficient use of space


Ahead of the competition

What we can offer you

Our smart solutions leverage the latest that the current technological world has to offer. Just use it right. Secure the business of the future today.

With us, you get:

  • Opportunities to provide your customers with a great shopping experience
  • Insight into customer behaviour
  • Real data and information for better decision-making

Comprehensive insight into customer and purchasing behavior

Get a complete view of customer and shopping behaviour. Our data helps you track the success of campaigns, individual store placements, and the evolution of customer buying behaviour.

Product interest monitoring / space tracking / customer counting and detection / sales analysis / queue and zone monitoring / management overview / wi-fi analytic

Excellent customer experience

Monitor customer behavior and mood, reach them with personalized advertising, and customize the store interior. Bring a unique experience and improve the customer satisfaction.

attract customers / targeted in-store advertising / personalized offers / interactive displays / Pepper robot / augmented reality mobile app / customer apps

Efficient processes and store operations

Streamline store and branch operations; open and close additional checkouts in a controlled manner by automatically monitoring the number of people in the store.

Stock management / queue monitoring / incident reporting / AR scanner / inventory application

The experience of our clients

A glimpse into the store of the future

Experience first-hand real solutions for digitizing your stores. We'll show you solutions such as a smart shelf that alerts you to sales, an interactive display with personalized advertising, and much more work.

Get in touch with us via the registration form, and we'll arrange a personalized tour of the store of the future, where you'll learn about the technologies available today that will help you

  • attract new customers and retain existing ones,
  • simplify and streamline your store processes,
  • improve your visibility of what's happening in your stores.

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Adéla Mikschiková

Business Development Manager IoT

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