Online lending

Sell loans to both clients and non-clients via online channels (internet, applications), make contact with new segments.

Do you spend 5 days or 5 minutes approving a consumer loan? If it's 5 days, it's possible that somebody else has already provided the loan to the customer! We all make purchases based on emotions, even if we often tell ourselves the opposite. And those who borrow to buy succumb to their emotions much more.

The ideal customer experiences something like this:

“That TV of mine is too small! I need a new one.” And he decides to buy a new TV on credit, because it's standing in the shop at the time and he really likes a widescreen TV. Or he “longs” for a new phone, because the latest model is great. And the kids need a new bike for the spring. Can you make use of his emotions, and provide him with a loan just when he's 99% convinced about his purchasing decision?

The path to his emotional purchases is called digital onboarding

In his current state of mind, try asking him to come to the branch, fill in some paperwork and wait 5 days for approval. You'll lose him. Because nowadays we want everything immediately, without waiting. Online.

Digital onboarding enables you to:

  • Make use of the customer's emotional purchasing decision (yes, we make purchases based on emotions)
  • Immediately resolve the client's financial query
  • Obtain an excellent communication channel which the customer has with them practically all the time
  • Provide them with a practically barrier-free loan

Let's shorten Time to Yes to a minimum. The sale of loans via our mobile application is 3x more effective.

Sophisticated client verification tools

Applications which utilise real time and near real-time technology “communicate” with the customer. The client's requirement launches sophisticated risk evaluation processes, which use statistical methods and artificial intelligence algorithms. On the basis of the data, they will evaluate whether there is a suspicion of fraud, and calculate the current client score. 

The solution from Adastra will enable you to:

  1. lend money at the moment when the customer needs it
  2. change rates as necessary
  3. react to market needs
  4. establish the necessary infrastructure
  5. and corresponding processes for the evaluation, approval and processing of the loan

Customers expect the bank or financial institution to give them money just when they need it. For example, you can enable them to apply for a loan on Facebook!


Almost 40% of loans in Moneta Money Bank are arranged or drawn online. In a year-on-year comparison, this means an increase in fully online loans, i.e. products with no action by a branch or customer centre, by 65% in households, and by as much as 175% in the case of loans for self-employed persons. (Source: Banking)

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