Optimize logistics and manufacturing, plan shifts or routes, not just during epidemics. Leverage your assets to their best, using artificial intelligence


Key Benefits


Streamline your scheduling workflow and lower the risk of disease spread


Boost the performance of your operation, by optimizing effort, time, cost, and risk, with next-generation planning


Find the optimal solution using artificial intelligence and significantly outperform manual or rule-based planning


Visualize large plans, perform quick what-if analysis, and identify bottlenecks with ease

Optimus 4.0 is an enterprise software platform utilizing state-of-the-art optimizing algorithms. The platform optimizes a wide range of complex operations within minutes, guarantees business rule compliance, saves costs, and enables to scale up your business. You only need to use one technology — Optimus 4.0, to optimize a wide range of large operations processes. The platform is deployed together with our Opti application tailored to your needs.

Optimus 4.0. for manufacturing

Optimus 4.0 can handle even the most challenging and complex processes and calculate the best possible plan in a moment. For example, to minimize the waste of your materials, Optimus 4.0 calculates how to effectively cut larger pieces of wood, etc., into small pieces of desired sizes, each needed in specific quantities.



OptiRoute: Optimize your logistics planning

OptiRoute can find the best routes for your trucks in any region globally, learn real delivery times, and dynamically update routing with new information. It also optimize inter-warehouse transportation, milk runs and allows for easy rescheduling and prediction of needs, resulting in saving shipment and delivery costs.

OptiPlan: Optimal shift and personnel planning

You can optimize your schedules in a minute. With OptiPlan, built on top of the Optimus platform, it is easy to maximize your service levels and meet your business targets by allocating the right people to right tasks and shifts with an automatically created plan reflecting all possible limitations and constraints. It helps minimize unnecessary contacts between employees to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 and other diseases.

OptiPlan explores billions of different options that match your pre-set criteria, to find the optimal solution. Advanced visualization enables an easy explanation of the solution, thus ensuring that decision-makers are in charge, including an option for manual changes. Swap two shifts to allow a proud father to visit his daughter's first public concert.



OptiFit: Optimized container and truck loadings, optimized parcel filling

OptiFit helps with more efficient cargo handling. The system easily and quickly generates the best plan for loading or filling, taking into account the weight and dimensions of the load and all legal and safety restrictions and constraints. OptiPlan helps with container and vehicle loading optimization and maximization as well as with better parcel fill rate. The system optimizes the size of the types of boxes used and thus enables to save filling material.

Client Case-Study


Optimization of delivery routes

A Czech food company wanted to digitize the logistics planning process, optimize its existing delivery routes, and plan new ones. Since it started using OptiRoute, they have been able to standardize logistics planning and optimize the delivery routes of final goods, resulting in a 30% cost savings. It also enabled business expansion, permitting the company to expand into new regions flawlessly.


The FMCG company saved up to 30% of logistics costs by route optimization after implementing OptiRoute.

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