Prevent insurance fraud with Artificial Intelligence

Depend on our maintenance-free, machine-updated, and adaptable fraud detection system.

In addition to considerably simplifying the administrative process of settling claims, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also help you with the early detection of attempts at insurance fraud. Sophisticated algorithms and software based on Machine Learning can, in the space of a few moments, analyze and compare enormous amounts of information. It can then use this information to evaluate potentially fraudulent patterns and anomalies, about which it will notify you immediately.

Machine Learning Fraud Detection System (ML FDS)

Our machine-updated, adaptable model for recognizing fraudulent activity will provide you with the following:

  1. Protection and stabilization for your profits.
  2. A modern system, in which it’s not necessary to manage all the rules and updates manually.
  3. A reduction in the number of false positive alerts and thus an increase in efficiency when confirming suspicious events.
  4. Detection of high-risk incidents both within and outside your organization.

The system, which is based on neural networks, will use your insurance company’s operating data as well as external sources. It makes it possible to analyze different information resources, whether data supplied directly by clients when they report a claim or data from social networks, and then puts everything into context. It can work independently, in parallel with an existing system as an additional indicator, or as another variable used to calculate an existing score.


The effectiveness of insurance fraud detection has increased by 60% (minimizing “false positives”) through the use of an FDS with Artificial Intelligence.

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