Proactive Reporting

Focus on the solution, not the analysis. That's what proactive reporting by Adastra is for.

Clear, personalised dashboards that save you time and warn you in advance if something isn't as it should be. They make it easier for you to meet agreed KPIs. Proactive reporting is a revolution in reporting.

Traditional vs. proactive reporting

Traditional reporting is usually unable to offer a simple view of what is happening in the business because: 

  • it is not very personalised, and therefore confusing  

  • it isn't easy to tell if something is wrong 

  • it's only available at the end of the month, week or day 

  • sometimes you need to enter additional data into it manually  

You won't get an answer to the question of how your business is doing right now. Simply collecting data and delivering it to managers or other responsible employees is not enough.  

At Adastra, we analyse and contextualise data for proactive reporting. We don't display a set of confusing tables, graphs, and numbers, but provide clear graphics with real value in visual form.  

Our proactive reporting: 

  • delivers personalised data and early warnings that enable responsible employees to make timely and effective decisions  

  • processes and puts data from different data sources into context, showing the real state of things 

  • users are provided with reports flexibly and quickly as required 

  • accelerates the adoption of the necessary decisions and changes to allow the agreed KPIs to be met 

For example, proactive reporting sets rules for important indicators, and a report can only display indicator values outside of the set parameters. The complexity of these rules can be great (e.g., if indicator N falls below the norm, then indicator M must not be above norm Y).

Management by exception

This concept of business intelligence not only reduces the human resources required to prepare and analyse reports, but also saves time for managers, who can focus on solutions instead of analysis. This allows them to devote their attention only to those areas where undesirable changes occur, in the spirit of "if it ain't broken, don't manage it". That is, if key indicators do not deviate from the norm, there is no need to spend time analysing them.

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