Extract data from documents using AI. Automate the data extraction and validation from personal and other documents to accelerate onboarding.


Key Benefits


Speeding up the onboarding process, thanks to faster, accurate, and automated reading


Customizable to different documents, therefore fitting into any business


Fewer errors and maximal level of accuracy, thanks to AI


Verification against public databases to mitigate the risk of fraud


Your onboarding process may be much more efficient

Onboarding processes often require a person's ID to be scanned, then the information to be transcribed and sent for a check, including information recognition and fraud check. This process can take hours, even days, and is error prone. Very often, dozens of employees need to process the IDs manually. ReeDee helps, when you need to extract data from a wide range of documents, check the identity of customers in near real-time, or automate your onboarding process, thus alleviating your back-office operations.

From image to digital data

After uploading the photo of the document, ReeDee powered by artificial intelligence, searches the image and localizes the document structure. Computer vision techniques are applied to improve image quality, rotate, and further process the image to read the data at the best accuracy. Finally, the obtained values are verified and provided in a machine-readable form, ready for further processing.



Benefits of personal ID digitalization

The accuracy and reliability of AI-powered document transcription is better than that of a human, thanks to the unique ability to self-evaluate the probability of the read values to be correct. As a result, on personal IDs, over 98% are correctly read as a whole and over 99.5% of the accepted fields have correct values within just seconds. Human operators can spend significantly less time correcting errors and unclear transcription, lowering the FTE load and company costs.

Client Case-Study


Personal ID check process was reduced from days to minutes

In Zonky, a Czech peer-to-peer lending company, ReeDee automated a significant portion of the process, reading all information in seconds and thus significantly speeding up the consumer loan onboarding process. Since Zonky uses ReeDee, all IDs are processed automatically using AI, with only problematic and unreadable IDs requiring a human-driven process.

ReeDee is also used for bank account statement recognition, and automatically checking data from statements. The time of registration was reduced from days to minutes, resulting in more than 50% automation of the user registration process, corresponding to the workload of approximately 10 FTEs.


ReeDee has automated more than 50% of the user registration process, which corresponds to the workload of approximately 10 FTEs.

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