Regulatory reporting for banks

Regulatory reporting

Do you know you can report automatically?

Putting together consistent reports for the entire bank based on frequently inconsistent information systems´ data of various quality levels is often a tough task. Do you perceive this task as an arduous hard work which consumes a third of your time every month? Why bother when reporting can be automated?

Creation of any regulatory report final output is usually a relatively standard part of this task involving available tools. On the other hand, data consolidation and preparation is usually the most complex part.

It is necessary to interpret various products´ data in a unified way, to convert categories of directories etc. At the same time these efforts are even more difficult due to varied approaches of the authors and users of the information systems, and the team which is responsible for reporting, to individual products. Often some reporting needs are not considered in the information system proposal.  

During the compilation of the reports, many tasks needs to be solved in order to obtain reliable and meaningful data: unification of directories and their links to the ČNB (i.e. Czech National Bank) directories, unification of conversion of balances, liabilities and debts and cohesive interpretation of product parameters. Apart from that, often some reporting needs has to be explained clearly to other bank departments while at the same time providing them with support upon modifications of information systems so that the reporting department can fulfill its obligations. This is one of the areas in which we are able to assist you, especially when communicating with the information systems´ suppliers.


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