Reopen your branches and operations safely

Is everyone wearing a mask? Is everyone keeping a safe distance? Does anyone have a fever? Has anyone fainted? We let you know instantly.

We are running a couple of initiatives to help institutions and companies handle the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to help your consumers return to your branches. Once the quarantine and other restrictions on business and social activities will be lifted, we make it our priority to keep everyone safe.

Real-time video analytics monitoring compliant behavior

Face protection detection

In times of pandemic monitoring on scale is important more than ever. Blindspot Solutions has developed a solution for the detection of pandemic-compliant behavior through a video on MACULA platform, which runs offline so it is GDPR compliant. MACULA would identify from CCTV surveillance cameras in real time if person is keeping necessary distance from other people or wearing face masks all the time.

We can provide you with:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Delivery with easy self-installation
  • Prompt implementation

Pandemic aware resource scheduling system

Intelligent platform allows to achieve optimal allocation of people which guarantees that the operation is running, while minimizing possible contacts of employees to prevent spreading infection through entire organization.

State of the art platform designed to allocate workforce in hospitals and critical infrastructure of state while minimizing risk of spreading any disease. The platform is flexible enough to support any manufacture, office or logistic operation because it allows definition of skills of available personnel and required skills for the tasks carried in individual shifts.

- 75%

Reducing risk of disease spread up to 75% using smart planning as prevention.

COVID 19 prediction platform

Platform allows users to submit and integrate developed models from different sources, evaluate their performance and efficiency, and consolidate the results of all available models calculations based on their accuracy.

Data driven decisions

Consolidation of results based on models’ accuracy will assure that authorities are making crucial COVID 19 related decisions based on data.

Increased model accuracy

Evaluating the accuracy, efficiency, performance and other parameters of each model will increase overall accuracy of models.


Smart quarantine

Using TASP platform, we can provide software for automated pandemic-aware shift planning, minimizing the probability of infection transmission between your employees. Thanks to advanced analytics, smart quarantine can be applied instead of simple and restrictive measures as shutting down entire branch or office. Company data from calendars can uncover useful insights, such as who visited contaminated meeting rooms after infected person, including external visitors or clients.

Make your customers and employees feel safe and satisfy authorities with plans for curbing the risk of infection while reopening your branches. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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Ondřej Vaněk

CEO Blindspot Solutions

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CTO Blindspot Solutions

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