Risk advisory

Helping organizations to address challenges and opportunities related to credit origination and underwriting, fraud management and loss mitigation in collections.

We leverage deep industry expertise, strong advanced analytics capabilities, and pragmatic approach to IT development to deliver value across the whole credit value chain.

Our services

Smart Collections

We have extensive experience with optimization and set-up of debt collections processes targeting the spectrum of customer segments from large corporates till private individuals for our clients across industries, including Banking, Telco and Insurance.

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We help organizations to keep up with criminals and set-up AML systems & eKYC processes using AI/ML algorithms and models to detect potential threats in exponentially increasing and complex money laundering schemes.

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Fraud Management

To limit financial and reputational losses associated with fraudulent behavior, we help organizations to build comprehensive fraud frameworks. 

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Regulation and Stress Testing

We support banks in enhancing the quality of its risk management and data governance to comply with applicable national and international regulations. 

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Advanced Analytics and Scoring

Advanced Analytics and Scoring is an integral part of modern risk management. Quantification of the expected risk associated with a customer, measurement of actual riskiness and constant challenging and fine tuning of the risk assessment process is essential for underwriting, fraud management and collections processes.

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Digital On-boarding & Underwriting

We have extensive experience with On-boarding and Underwriting from more than 80 successfully delivered projects covering on-boarding and underwriting of all customer segments from private individuals to large corporates in the past 5 years.

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Bank Recovery Planning

EU Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) requires banks to prepare recovery plans to overcome potential financial distress and to update existing plans at least annually or after a change to banks’ business or its financial situation. 

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