Monitor the placement of goods and their change over time, with an intuitive mobile app. Have a real-time overview for your restocking, to improve efficiency and the customer’s shopping experience.


Key Benefits


Real-time stock information for efficient planning


No more empty shelves. Fast restocking, resulting in improved customer experience


Paperless solution, reducing the number of errors


Major time saver for your employees


Modules: Scanning, Planogram, Checklist, Inventory

The Scanning functionality allows employees to see the information of a product once scanned. Planogram lets employees check the location of products via a virtual route. The Checklist functionality will let individuals modify categories based on their needs. With Inventory, the application shows items that were returned to the store. Stockeero can work as each module collaboratively or separately, as a standalone solution.

Stock management on the go

Say goodbye to stacks of paper and manual searches for products. Just scan a product or multiple products with this app and find all information in the pop-up AR window. The Stockeero application allows employees and head office to view the placement of goods for each store, thus improving the customer’s shopping experience and maximizing profit.



Restocking at your fingertips

Using Stockeero significantly increases the efficiency of restocking. Employees can check the real-time availability of products in the store, along with the upcoming delivery information from the selected store.

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