All-in-one tablet with document reader lets clients sign documents with biometric signature in-store.

Store digitization

Key Benefits


Saves document-printing associated costs


Speeding up of processes thanks to fewer mistakes and reworks


Diminish costs associated with brochures and sales materials


Cross-selling and upselling of products


Bringing 21st century to brick-and-mortar stores

Customers do not need to leave your store or branches with a printed contract and a bunch of other papers. They can review contracts and offers, identify themself digitally and biometrically sign. Even in the physical store or branch, your clients can get a smooth pleasant digital experience. The store digitization tablet enables better management of the sales point (be it a bank, telecom operator, insurer, or retail store). In the core of the solution is the specially developed tablet device.

The signing of the contracts and identification

Tablet facilitates the contract closure process, displaying the offers in brochures, or precalculated offers based on the client's history. After reviewing the offer, the client is easily identified via an ID card with a chip or using a camera for ID card OCR retrieval. The process is concluded by the digital biometric signature of the contract...

Done and ready to be sent by e-mail to the customer. A client can also learn more about the product with personalized videos presenting its use cases. Tablet presentation brings complete replacement of paper catalogs previously used by the store or the branch.


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Client Case-Study


Store digitization started the journey towards zero-paper retail

Slovak Telekom wanted to digitalize their stores, innovate and replace piles of paper, improve customer experience. And all this with one single device that facilitates customer interactions. The tablet can completely replace paper catalogs, the display offers prepared by agents, or those already calculated, propose Next Best Action. This cost-effective solution for store digitalization is GDPR compliant and lets sales representatives make notes. It was a great example of how to link retail stores with the digital era and created a good basis for the way to zero-paper retail.

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