Speed up service at checkout

Stores without queues

Automatically monitor the number of people in the store, and open or close cash desks accordingly.

Why should your customers spend time waiting in line when they just need to buy a few items? Don’t let them leave with the feeling that they won’t come back next time because they don’t have to stand in a queue if they go to your competition. Make it possible for them to pay immediately by automatically monitoring store traffic and then running your checkout counters efficiently.


If a customer is standing at the back of a line, they are up to 4 times more likely to leave without making a purchase. (Source: Harvard University)

Optimize your shifts

Our system uses technologies from the Internet of Things and mobile apps such as Scan&Go to assess the number of store visitors in real time. It also simultaneously tracks and measures the average time they spend there – whether actually shopping or waiting to pay. Thanks to this knowledge, we can then help you optimize your cashiers’ workload, reassigning them to other activities or transferring them back to the checkout counter as needed.

When a large number of people suddenly enters the store at the same time, the manager will receive a timely notification of the situation, including an estimate of when it will be necessary to open a new checkout counter. This alert will show up on a work phone that he or she always has to hand. Enough advance warning will ensure that sales assistants or other employees can move to the checkout counter in good time.

Your customers will never again complain about queues at checkout or a lack of staff when they need to ask for advice.

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32% of Czech customers are bothered by queues at checkout when they’re shopping. (Source: Rondo.cz)

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