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Tracking and route optimization

Thanks to IoT technologies and Artificial Intelligence, you can have an overview of the movement of goods. You can thus optimize, for example, the workforce in your warehouse according to how far away the delivery trucks are.

Speed up your products’ journey to the customer and your warehouse logistics. We’ll enable you to effortlessly track deliveries and trucks, or even your individual shipments. This will make it easier for you to plan delivery routes, prepare transport or storage options, and optimize work shifts.

Streamline your logistics and shift planning

Don’t repeat the days when trucks with seasonal products, for example, for Christmas, got stuck on the highway because of bad weather and then in traffic jams at the border. You’re busy with your highest stock turnover and you have night staff arranged to receive the delivery, but the truck is nowhere to be seen.

With our solution, the warehouse manager will automatically receive a message in the event of a delayed delivery, including the truck’s new estimated time of arrival. Thanks to IoT technologies, he or she will know exactly when the truck set off and how the journey was going. According to the remaining interval before the truck’s arrival, the manager can reschedule staff for a specific time and inform the other entities in the logistics chain.

In the warehouse itself or in the logistics center, we can monitor and plan the movement of equipment and staff, and identify possible improvements in storage methods, thereby also reducing costs.


Thanks to intelligent delivery tracking and planning from Blindspot Solutions, Crocodille delivery vans logged 20% fewer kilometers. (Adastra client case)

Route optimization

We’ll plan the best route to deliver goods to your customers, taking into account many variables. To do this, we’ll use the possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. For example, thanks to Blindspot Solutions, pre-packaged baguette and sandwich producer Crocodille has saved up to 80% on costs associated with planning deliveries.    


Pre-packaged baguette and sandwich producer Crocodille has saved 80% on costs associated with planning deliveries thanks to Blindspot Solutions. (Adastra client case)


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