Voice and text analysis

Voice and Text Analysis

Listen to the customer and decipher their wishes. Recognize the mood. Pass their request on to the right team.

The amount of data in the world of telco operators is growing exponentially. Until recently, companies mainly analyzed structured information (financial numbers, geolocation data, etc.) and did not know how to work with unstructured data (images, videos, and texts). Textual data had to be read by people, or it was ignored. There is excellent value in both text and voice data.

Know what the customer really thinks and work with it

All companies are working intensively on customer experience, constantly monitoring it, and tracking its changes. In this, they use a variety of indices based on structured answers.

Want to know the real reason for customer (dis)satisfaction? Does it rate you on a scale of 1-10, select one of the prepared answers, or do you collect real feedback in the form of free text answers? You will not find out the reason for dissatisfaction with a mark of 1 to 10. And if you do not know the reason, it is difficult to remedy and change something.

We can find out more by analyzing textual answers and comments. We use entire interviews from feedback sessions, or process conversations from your customer service or call center. We monitor the service, sales, and recovery call center to detect keywords and identify potential issues and opportunities before they occur. You will know what the customer really thinks.

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Want to know what your customers complain about most often and what they say about you and your competitors? We can also answer this type of question using the natural language processing (NLP) system. This software allows you to find out what the text is about, whether it is positive or negative, which people, companies, or places are written about in it, or how these pieces of information are related to each other.

Extract new information from text records. Understand how customers feel, what they think, and what they talk about. A better understanding of your customers increases the effectiveness of the work performed by your employees, improves your service and processes, and allows you to overtake your competitors.

We use text analytics in

  • the classification of text documents by content,
  • the analysis of the content of communication, e.g., in posts on web forums or social networks,
  • call centre call analysis (in combination with voice to text technology),
  • the identification of patterns and topics found in texts,
  • the use of unstructured data to enrich predictive models in combination with classic structured data,
  • fraud detection and e-mail communication analysis,
  • the identification of entities, such as company names, in unstructured data.

Make the most out of the client's shopping potential with every contact

Analyse call-centre calls to find out a client's needs and sentiment and predict their next activity. Offer them a relevant product.

We will increase your sales success in incoming calls. We suggest new scenarios for sales and retention calls. We analyse the emotions of operators and customers during calls, including the impact of emotions on the outcome. The final analysis includes call plans for hesitation, interruption, or silence. We process all results into a graphical report.


The call center in the CR reports a double increase in sales success in incoming calls after the introduction of voice analysis.

Work proactively with the customer

…perhaps with our Adalytics solution. With this solution, you will find that a potential customer has browsed your website for the second time in the last week. Even though the customer is not identified, we know that they were looking at three types of smartphones and tariff conditions. Adalytics says there is now a 30% chance that the customer is really considering buying a smartphone. It instantly activates the chat bot or a pop-up window, which offers help with decision-making.

Reduce staff costs on the call center

We can correctly classify tasks into queues by topic and urgency through analysis of incoming written requests and suggestions, often associated with previous customer service calls.

Up to 50% of queries can be answered by a well-trained bot that improves user experience and increases conversion rates. A chat bot is an intelligent virtual assistent (using voice and text analytics and artificial intelligence) that is able to answer frequently asked questions from customers. It can also connect to the company's internal system and find out necessary information such as invoice number, some client data, or current products. This saves the operator work, allowing them to deal with more complex customer issues. In the event that the chatbot reaches its limits, it passes the work on to its human colleague, together with all information about the conversation. On average, chat bots save the operator three minutes from each conversation.

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6 man-days is a daily saving for 20 operators, 8-hour shifts and 10-minute conversations.

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