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Do you need to upload data from non-standard data sources to your data warehouse? Or extend it with manual inputs, data, excel, or text files? Do you want to add codebooks? The Web Upload Utility (WUU) application, which we have developed specifically for this purpose, can help you with all this.

When implementing a data warehouse, data are uploaded from various sources, whether primary or other systems, or business dictionaries using data pumps, regardless of their specific implementation. It happens, and it is not uncommon, that some data is left over. This may be due to randomness of loading, non-standard format, the need for manual intervention and/or XLS files that always appear and need to be processed as well.

That's why we have prepared a solution for all our clients to help them process these non-standard data sources: the Web Upload Utility.

WUU features

  • Allows the user to upload data files from different sources and in different formats.
  • The application has a web interface, is accessible via standard web browsers, and therefore does not require local installation.
  • It offers monitoring of uploaded data by data files, their types, time, processing method, results and many other parameters.
  • In the event of an upload failure, the application offers the user a detailed description of the reasons.
  • The upload process is completely logged, including the status of each step.
  • It offers user-definable data groups for automatic checking of formats and structures. Each group can have its own input parameters.
  • You can upload data according to a predefined workflow, but also individually.

Recommended final price: on request, according to specific specifications.
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