Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Revealing true value for investors

We help investors to understand hidden risks and opportunities in business operations as well as IT environment of target organizations.

Profound decisions require deep insight into organizations. Our battle tested due diligence methodology and hands-on approach provide investors with additional insight into targeted firms mitigating investment risks and revealing hidden value.

Speed up merger & acquisition process

Enterprise Operations Due Diligence

Our industry experts help investors to perform detailed on-site reviews of company operations in order to properly evaluate risks and opportunities associated with the planned investment.

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Enterprise IT Architecture Due Diligence

Adastra is your one stop partner for the conversion of existing IT ecosystems into the modern, cloud-first, secure, stable, and scalable solutions tailored to provide your business with maximal competitive advantage.

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Data Migration

Are you planning to implement a new information system or make a fundamental change in your existing system? Do you need to access information about your customers, products and processes in a centralized database?

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Master Data Management

To successfully carry out a Master Data Management project, a complex arrangement of activities have to be carried out across multiple channels and platforms in both the IT and business sectors. It is imperative that an MDM project be managed within the Data Governance strategy of the entire context of the organization.

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Data Catalog

Welcome to the new age where a data catalog grows and improves automatically.

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