TASP: Optimize logistics and manufacturing, plan shifts or routes, not just during epidemics. Leverage your assets to their best, using artificial intelligence.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Streamline your scheduling workflow and lower the risk of disease spread

Key Benefit

Boost the performance of your operation, by optimizing effort, time, cost, and risk, with next-generation planning

Key Benefit

Find the optimal solution using artificial intelligence and significantly outperform manual or rule-based planning

Key Benefit

Visualize large plans, perform quick what-if analysis, and identify bottlenecks with ease

Optimized logistics operations and space utilization

The enterprise platform TASP (Task and Asset Optimization Platform) powered by artificial intelligence will help you to optimize your delivery routes and significantly reduce logistics costs. The platform can find routes for your trucks in any region globally, learn real delivery times, and dynamically update routing with new information. Optimize your logistics from the packaging, delivery with several stops, to the collection of packaging material. It will also generate huge savings by optimizing cargo in containers in 3D.

Optimal shift and personnel planning

Especially during epidemics, it is crucial to plan your shifts to limit the risks. TASP explores billions of different options that match your pre-set criteria, to find the optimal solution. Advanced visualization enables an easy explanation of the solution, thus ensuring that decision-makers are in charge, including an option for manual changes. Swap two shifts to allow a proud father to visit his daughter's first public concert.

Optimized manufacturing

TASP will help you design your manufacturing plan for the next day, week, months, or many years ahead. It can capture numerous manufacturing constraints as well as personnel and skill limitations. TASP helps you to maximize the utilization of production lines and, in case of malfunctions or changes in production needs, the lightning-fast re-planning capability will help you to get back on track.

Client Case-Study

Optimization of delivery routes

A Czech food company wanted to digitize the logistics planning process, optimize its existing delivery routes, and plan new ones. Since it started using TASP, they have been able to standardize logistics planning and optimize the delivery routes of final goods, resulting in a 30% cost savings. It also enabled business expansion, permitting the company to expand into new regions flawlessly.


The FMCG company saved up to 30% of logistics costs by route optimization after implementing TASP.

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