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Our reporting solutions, data science, and analytics products are among the best. We have been working for the most significant energy suppliers in the Czech & Slovak markets for a long time. They come to us as distributors and leave as comprehensive solutions and innovative service providers.

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A comprehensive suite of services and solutions for telco to ease the transition into the digital era

With its unique combination of skills and competencies, Adastra covers the full breadth of digital transformation.

  1. Hands-on practical experience.
  2. A combination of business and IT experts provide a strategy where technical solutions go hand in hand with business objectives.
  3. An end-to-end partner for your digital transformation: From strategy to implementation and support, we are your partner for your journey to digital transformation.

Solutions for IT

Big Data

At Adastra, we know how to collect and store data and link and analyze it. We know how to extract useful information from it. We know how to take good care of your data and take it to tasks you’ve only dreamed of so far.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) optimizes processes, helps with repetitive tasks, and learns from its own experience. We offer you ready-made products as well as unique customized solutions.

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Cloud Migration

In addition to cost-effectiveness, cloud solutions stand out for their easy scalability, flexibility, performance, continuous evolution, and security. Let us guide you through the journey of digital transformation and innovation in the cloud.

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PII Data Protector

PII Data Protector enhances the security of customer data usage in the cloud by anonymizing personally identifiable information.

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Data Warehouses

We provide data collection and consolidation from various data sources. We will set up the optimal storage and use of the necessary data. We link data information for a more efficient service. The main components of Adastra’s DWH are independent of specific technologies.

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Self-service BI

Need a report fast? You can do it yourself. At Adastra, we have the tools and processes to make your job easier. And you won’t have to wait until the new version comes out next fall. It’ll be much sooner. Then you can use the capacity of your valuable human resources for objective data analysis and exploration.

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Internet of Things - IoT

Want to reduce costs? Increase safety? Or give your customers an experience that sets you apart from the competition? At Adastra, we can help you choose a strategy, implement all the equipment and set up all the processes. All information collected is anonymous, secure, and fully compliant with domestic and European legislation and GDPR.

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Solutions for operations

Optimization of production and logistics

The Optimus platform uses advanced algorithms to automate and optimize various processes in large-scale operations. The solution is tailored to your business and ensures an early return on investment.

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Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection methods save our customers money in areas where they thought they could no longer innovate. We can help you detect anomalies and outliers in your processes or customer behavior.

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Solutions for sales and marketing

Internet of Things - IoT

Want to reduce costs? Increase safety? Or give your customers an experience that sets you apart from the competition? We can help you optimize operations and uncover potential savings.

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Optimization of working hours

Optimize opening hours and staffing at your branches by counting and tracking client movements in your branch.

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Voice and chat bots

Reduce staffing costs on the service line. A well-trained bot will answer up to 50% of queries.

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Case studies

Integrating public registers to improve data quality

At a large manufacturing company, we have automated data uploads from public registers. This has eliminated errors caused by freely, manually entering data on company addresses and executives.

  • We decided on automated data uploads from public registers.
  • We set up regular integrations – daily data uploads and daily checks.
  • We continuously verify that customer input data are accurate and up to date.

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Business HUB Covering the main KPIs elimination of manual reporting

We created several design options for the layout, which the customer appreciated. One of these options was selected for their reporting. We implemented business and...

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IKEA: 7 stores in 3 Central European countries covered by new data warehouse

The data warehouse project was linked to the customer data quality project. The new DWH collects and centralizes data from 4 IKEA stores in...

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VIG: Data warehouse with 6x faster data upload

Vienna Insurance Group’s goal was to build a new data warehouse while maintaining business continuity. Adastra analyzed the situation, created and implemented a strategy....

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Get inspired on our blog

Meet out team: Naďa, Adastra Project Manager

Meet Naďa who has celebrated her 4 years at Adastra and who works as a project manager within data warehouse and cloud projects for...

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You can’t avoid the cloud. We advise companies to take a sober approach and start with proof-of-concepts, says David Kaláb of Adastra

Can the cloud be avoided? Yes, but... The question is whether companies want it - especially considering the future. "Large enterprises don't have it...

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