Build an office that is not overwhelmed with paperwork. Reduce digitalization from years to months. Use data analytics and the Cloud to make data circulate, not people.

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Shorten digitalisation from years to months

We provide complete data services for state companies and authorities: input analysis, development of tailor-made solutions, training of employees and service.

The result is always a powerful data and technology infrastructure with protected data. And the possibility of further expansion.


digital transformation projects (including government and public)

a minute

instead of an hour to approve a request


data storages built in 25 years

90 %

reduction of paper usage across the organisation

Data platform/data storage

Get a single version of the truth.

Consolidate all types of data, their processing and use.

  • Get relevant information to users in the moment,
    when they need it and in the form they need it
  • Achieve flexible and efficient ad-hoc reporting and analysis
  • Get an Adastra DHW reference architecture that is independent of specific technologies
  • Define metadata for generating data structures and transformations
  • Get templates to generate scripts
Data warehouse with DWH framework

Data analytics

Analyse existing data and use it for analytical purposes.

  • Work with basic indicators
  • Get outputs, how to present the data further
  • Design solutions with respect to existing technologies
Analyse your data

Data Governance

Define standards for data handling, including auditing and monitoring.

Establish data architecture management processes. Gain tools for working with data including connecting reporting tools to the data platform.

  • Correct data in source systems and in the data platform
  • Control data quality, check and correct existing data
  • Monitor incidents
Data under control


Dynatrace: ensure the operation of the office without interruptions

A solution that puts in the hands of the public administration a tool for comprehensive monitoring of the IT ecosystem. Which can detect the problems (including causes) before the user even notice them.

Systems and applications in government are increasingly interconnected and automated. They exchange data with each other, even within cloud technologies.

This is why it is increasingly important to have a reliable platform for monitoring applications. Dynatrace monitors infrastructure, a sub-application or a database.

At the same time, it monitors the user experience (citizens, employees) of various institutions and authorities who work with the applications.

  • Speed up incident repair
  • Get implementation, integration, user training and local support
  • We can handle deployment in hours
About Dynatrace

Case studies

Data management

Adastra´s CRM solution implemented as a support tool for automation and more efficient campaign management at ČSOB

The project’s objective was to enhance campaign management effectiveness through automation and subsequent assessments, with the potential to expand the number of active campaigns.

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Integrating public registers to improve data quality

At a large manufacturing company, we have automated data uploads from public registers. This has eliminated errors caused by freely, manually entering data on...

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MetLife: 3x increase in work productivity after replacing paper onboarding with a completely digital process

From architecture design to analytics and development, we created an app for insurance agents for all platforms with a user-friendly interface.  A reduction in...

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Radim Petratur has joined Adastra’s ranks. He will be responsible for helping companies digitalize ESG data

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