The right data, process automation and a personalised approach can simplify access to services and improve healthcare for clients and patients.

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The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are experiencing a huge increase in the use of data. We can help you combine the information and technology available with innovative ideas that will put you at the top of the market.

a minute

to approve the application, not an hour

90 %

reduction of paper consumption across the organisation

5 min.

takes to load the data from one database

Migration to Cloud

In addition to cost-effectiveness, Cloud solutions stand out for their easy scalability, flexibility, performance, continuous evolution and security. Let us guide you through the journey of digital transformation and innovation in the Cloud.


Big Data anonymisation framework

Have your data available for the long term and at a glance. Compliant with GDPR and other legislation.


Data warehouse

We provide data collection and consolidation from various data sources. We will set up the optimal storage and use of the necessary data. We link data information for more efficient use. The main components of Adastra’s DWH are independent of specific technologies.


Big Data

At Adastra, we know how to collect and store data, how to link and analyse it. We know how to extract useful information from it. We simply know how to take good care of your data and take it to tasks you’ve only dreamed of so far.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) optimises processes, helps with repetitive tasks, and learns from its own experience. We offer you ready-made products as well as unique customized solutions.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Want to reduce costs? Increase safety? Or give your customers an experience that sets you apart from the competition? At Adastra, we can help you choose a strategy, implement all the equipment and set up all the processes. All information collected is anonymous, secure, and fully compliant with domestic and European legislation and GDPR.


Self-service BI

Need a report fast? You can do it yourself. At Adastra, we have the tools and processes to make your job easier. And you won’t have to wait until the new version comes out next fall, it’ll be much sooner. Then you can use the capacity of your valuable human resources for real data analysis and exploration.


Fraud detection using machine learning (ML FDS)

The ML FDS platform strengthens defences against fraud using machine learning and identifies new types of fraud from available data. With data, the system continuously learns and adapts to the evolving sophistication of fraud.


Case studies

Data integration & Power BI Reporting support saves hundreds of man-days per year for Philip Morris CZ&SK

In 2019, Philip Morris CZ&SK sought Adastra’s assistance in data analysis, data engineering, and Power BI reporting to streamline data insights for enhanced business development, reducing their involvement in implementation tasks.

files were sorting over manually each month

Power BI reports were redesigned

were newly developed

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Data management

Adastra´s CRM solution implemented as a support tool for automation and more efficient campaign management at ČSOB

The project’s objective was to enhance campaign management effectiveness through automation and subsequent assessments, with the potential to expand the number of active campaigns.

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Eurowag built a data lake in the cloud in under a year

Sales, customers and the financial statements for completed acquisitions are immediately integrated into reports to the stock exchange. As soon as a new client...

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Dôvera Insurance Company: we reduced response time for troubleshooting and streamlined application operations with Dynatrace application monitoring

Know about application problems before a disgruntled client alerts you to them? That’s precisely what Dynatrace application monitoring helped Dôvera a.s. – health insurance...

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The Inevitability of Cloud Adoption Means A Challenge for Business Infrastructure Maintenance

The existing on-site infrastructure is gradually turning into a relic of the past, akin to the once-ubiquitous floppy disk. David Kaláb from Adastra outlines...

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Unraveling the Future: Top 8 Data Management Trends for 2024 and Beyond 

The digital landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and with it comes a new set of challenges and opportunities for IT professionals, data...

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