Insure your growth with high-quality digitalization: automate everything from signing the contract to detecting insurance fraud. In a fraction of the time, while maintaining business continuity and data quality.

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How to win the insurance digitalisation and automation race

If anyone is benefiting significantly from modern technology, AI and automation today, it is undoubtedly insurance companies

Client data is processed by the Cloud, claims handling is more efficient, the customer journey is better and AI helps detect insurance fraud.

Adastra delivers such solutions to a number of insurance companies on the Czech market as well as to their multinational parent companies.

  • smooth data migration
  • automation in fraud/risk management
  • auditability
  • fast data warehouse
  • tailored reporting
  • saving of working hours (customer support)
  • omni-channel customer journey (linking the journey from the search engine to the customer’s
  • communication with the call centre – right through to product negotiation)
  • maximum web conversion rate
  • automated error detection
  • deployment of new solutions in as little as 3 months


faster data warehouse

80 %

incoming e-mails are resolved automatically

90 %

faster problem identification and resolution

10 FTE


Fraud & risk management

Clean data is the fastest way to detect risky behaviour

As the number of customers and policies (and the associated data volumes) grows, so does the need for insurers to work with accurate data. Because it’s clean, consolidated and unified customer data that leads to effective risk management, freeing up the hands of analysts in your operations department.

Our client is now able to identify suspected fraudulent behaviour of citizens and businesses even more efficiently and accurately. This in turn has led to an improved overall financial balance sheet, as it has significantly reduced the payment of unauthorized insurance claims.

  • unification
  • mastering
  • reference data
  • more accurate information for Fraud Management
  • visualisation of the links between the different entities
  • unified repository
  • basis for GDPR solutions
AI fraud detection
“After implementing the Ataccama MDC technology solution into our data processing for analytical purposes, we have seen a very significant reduction in the number of false positives for suspicious activity. This allows the analytics team to look much more closely at suspicious events. The success rate in proving fraudulent behavior has increased.”
Vojtěch Stavný, Head of Security Department, Kooperativa

Data warehouse

Process data up to 6x faster than the competition

Do you need to optimize your local data warehouse or transfer data from different repositories to one central repository of the parent company?

Have all the necessary components (BWF, ETL, DWH, OLAP, reporting) in one place and ensure auditability?

With Adastra you can have a complete financial data warehouse and reporting in a matter of months.

We always base this on detailed business analysis (core business, finance, controlling), experience from foreign markets and your unique technical requirements.

And this while maintaining business continuity.

Fast data storage

Marketing automatization

We can "train" natural language processing models (using your data) to identify useful information and define templates for automatic responses to incoming e-mails.

Resolve up to 80% of incoming messages automatically

Our solution is instantly functional and covers all omni-channel marketing needs.

You get a complete customer profile with all interactions, including those from social media.

You can easily create segmentations based on any data (events, attributes and metrics) and run more precise campaigns based on them; show the user a banner with specific graphics and message, personalize the website and increase click-through rates.

  • web tracking and personalization of banner campaigns
  • DMP/remarketing
  • saving 10 working hours
  • reduced burden on customer support staff
  • script deployment – no hassle in 3 days
  • better client retention process, prevention of client churn

Application monitoring

Identify and solve application problems 90% faster

We provide true end-to-end application monitoring for our domestic and multinational insurance clients. This includes turnkey client zone and sales representative applications.

You get complete insight into critical applications and the digital user experience. Plus, with AI, you’ll be able to quickly and easily decide on necessary actions.

Leave the training, application management, further implementations and development of new features to us.

  • 2.7% higher web conversion rate
  • higher open rate of the newsletter
  • automated problem detection – most difficulties are caught during development and testing
  • we created a portal with a calculator for clients with smart administration that offers editors the right
  • keywords. At the same time, it learns how to use them so it is optimized for SEO.
App monitoring Dynatrace

Case studies

Data management

Adastra´s CRM solution implemented as a support tool for automation and more efficient campaign management at ČSOB

The project’s objective was to enhance campaign management effectiveness through automation and subsequent assessments, with the potential to expand the number of active campaigns.

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