Internet of Things

With real-world digital data, you can make transport cheaper, organise your warehouse, better protect the quality of your goods or map the customer journey.

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Digital data from real world

Cheaper transport, warehouse organisation, goods protection, customer journey mapping, valuable demographic data for more effective marketing campaigns. All this is gained by integrating IoT into your business processes. 

Adastra delivers IoT solutions to companies across continents and industries. We deliver a maximally comprehensive ecosystem in minimal time.

From cameras and sensors to a central IoT platform and accessible user applications. In addition, each individual tool can be quickly adapted to any specific requirements.

In addition to off-the-shelf solutions, we also offer customized development of unique tools and expert services across all phases and components of digitalization.

Our latest project for Plzeňský Prazdroj

Wide use of IoT: a tap built on data

One of Adastra’s latest projects is the “Smart Tap” for Pilsner Urquell, which has caught the attention of international Reuters correspondents.

Nearly 30 sensors will be used in each of the 45 “experimental” pubs to measure things like beer temperature, water flow, electricity consumption, etc. This will allow us to determine exactly how to effectively reduce costs and energy in pubs.

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From development to reliable support

We will provide you with an initial needs analysis, the selection of a suitable solution and a long-term reliable service. For each order we verify the functionality of the selected solution (Proof of Concept).Digital data from real world

Consultancy services

Are you planning to use the Internet of Things in your business? But you don’t know where and how to start or you are not sure about your strategy?

Our professional consulting services include a detailed needs analysis, implementation and optimization of solutions so that all business processes use the data obtained in practice.

Prototype development

Do you need specific data but you haven’t found the right IoT device?

Perhaps the end-to-end development of a unique customized tool is the solution. Our prototypes are always built on detailed analysis and research to ensure the final product stands up to rigorous testing, on time and on budget. Our offer include servicing the entire solution.


      • Easy integration into all processes
      • No risk to business continuity
      • Fast implementation
      • Wireless
      • Invisible
      • Appearance and features can be customized
      • Proof of Concept
      • 24/7 Service
      • All data in clear dashboards
      • compliant with GDPR and other legislation

The perfect information ecosystem for your business

We supply comprehensive IoT solutions to the largest Czech and international brands and manufacturers. Whether they need to cheapen transport, organize their warehouse, better protect the quality of their goods or get to know their customers and their customer journey. In addition to off-the-shelf solutions, we also offer customized development of unique tools and expert services across all phases of digitalization. We will provide you with an initial needs analysis, the selection of a suitable solution and a long-term reliable service.

Higher sales

From campaigns, customized product mix, replenishment optimization and POS costs.

Lower costs

Save on labour and transport, and make the most of pallets and packaging.

Efficient logistics

Optimise storage, picking, transport and delivery.

Real costumer data

Map the customer journey in detail; get demographic data and hot spots of movement.

Goods protection

You can keep an eye on the conditions of transport and handling of your goods around the clock.

Powerful campaigns

Target and evaluate campaigns effectively, tailor the product mix to local customers.

Want to see our IoT tools in action?

We will be happy to arrange a workshop or demonstration of all the equipment. Visit us at:

Adastra, s.r.o. Czech republic
Mississippi House
Karolinská 706/3
Prague 8 – Karlín


Track any object with centimeter accuracy

Whether you need to optimize transportation, warehousing of goods or order picking by employees – you’ll be in control with our smart IoT solutions.

In addition, our device delivers real-time information about transport violations, improper handling or temperature.

With these tools you can track (with an accuracy of up to 50 cm) forklifts, packages, products and other valuable equipment and materials. Even the movement of employees (GDPR-compliant) and optimize their motion (for example to make their order picking up to 3 times faster).

The system processes all data into clear 3D visualizations and analyses.

30 km

walk daily the client’s employees while picking orders


faster is the whole process of order processing thanks to IoT


orders instead of one can be handled by employees at once

UWB Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

This location system consists of separate tracking tags for goods, wall sensors and RTLS studio for data processing. The movement of the tagged objects is instantly recorded by the sensors.

The application then clearly displays specific tag positions, all records and configurations, diagnostics, real-time 3D data visualization, analysis, etc.

Additional sensors can be added to the device, including accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, altimeter, thermometer, etc.

      • 5 years: minimum lifetime of the tracking tag
      • 150m: average range of the device

Sales monitoring

96% accuracy of measured data

You think you know your clients, but basically you only know the numbers for sales. A huge part of the retail customer journey is simply missing. Until now.

With IoT today, for example, you know immediately which POS are selling and which are just taking up space. Modern retail is not just based on perceived feelings, but on supporting data.

You have three POS displays in your local supermarket. Which one sells the most? Do you sell more in the morning or in the morning? Are you sure your merchandise was on the shelves in sufficient numbers? With us, you always have all the real-time data from all POS at your fingertips.

Our non-invasive, wireless device is battery-powered and does not limit your existing POS infrastructure in any way.

Simply place the POS display on our scanner, connect to our dashboard app, and have a nonstop view of sales and customer behavior.

Quick to implement, easy to integrate into your existing processes – no risk to business continuity.

Smart scale

What do you expect from a POS display? To position it so that it sells the most goods. But where is that place?

Meet Adastra’s Smart Scale – a mobile device with customizable dashboards in a unique IoT platform that delivers real-time information.

You can place the integrated scale pad anywhere – on POS displays and pallets. You will then know all the details of the sales at a specific location in the store in real time. Finally, you will be able to build product campaigns on real data and optimize logistics.

The device can be placed on any substrate and connected to other sensors and technologies.

Data processing is fully compliant with current legislation and GDPR.

  • more effective campaigns
  • detailed customer journey in retail
  • optimising inventory and logistics efficiency
  • real-time notifications for merchandising and restocking
  • supporting eco-friendly solutions and reducing carbon footprint
  • wireless, battery-powered devices
  • increased sales

Smart shelf

Get accurate data on which shelves you sells the most goods. Then you can easily plan your supply and marketing campaign.

Smart Shelf is a patented technology of printed pressure sensors that monitor the load on each shelf of products over time. A non-invasive solution with customizable dashboards in our unique IoT platform that provides real-time information.

You’ll have visibility into customer behavior and loyalty, more accurately evaluate campaigns, and set secondary placement and product category strategies based on real data.

  • sensors monitor the load on each shelf over time
  • detect any movement of the product on the shelf
  • all data can be found in a clear dashboard or in the app’s notifications
  • you can make quick decisions on restocking, analyse sales trends, model predictions
  • the device is battery powered and has low power consumption
  • reduce waste and carbon footprint

Pilsner Urquell can increase sales by up to 11% simply by adjusting the placement of pallets in the store

Pilsner Urquell has implemented smart shelves and smart scales from Adastra in 70 stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which track everything that influences customer buying behaviour. Based on the data collected, it can now provide each merchant with detailed information about the secondary location of specific products.

Pilsner Urquell now knows the exact answers to the questions:

  • What is the impact of pallet sales on total sales?
  • Where should pallets be placed?
  • What proportion of total sales are refrigerators?
  • Which product had the largest impulse sales from the PoS rack and in which part of the store?
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Shipment monitoring

Goods shipped on time, without damage and at minimal cost

With our equipment, you will have round-the-clock visibility of the shipment’s movement, where it is and when it will arrive at its destination. In addition, the system will alert you to improper shipping conditions or improper handling.

Tracking shipments using modern technology and data from IoT devices significantly reduces costs and environmental burden. In turn, it increases the protection of goods, ensures on-time delivery and thus customer satisfaction.

Also additional devices and sensors can be added to the basic package to alert, for example, damaged packaging, high humidity, tampering by unauthorized persons, locate goods even indoors, etc.

50 %

savings in future asset investments

o 10 %

lower loss rate

43 %

companies consider shipment tracking to be absolutely crucial

Smart pallet

For goods sensitive to transport and storage.

The smart pallet combines an environmentally friendly product (pallets are made of 100 % mixed plastic recyclate) with our technological solution for locating individual pallets and monitoring transport conditions.

This gives you an overview of where the goods are and whether they are transported and stored at the optimum temperature and humidity. The data is available to you in a clear reporting system around the clock, including notifications in case of sudden events.

1Guard & IoT platform

100% control over the shipment.

The 1Guard wireless solution routes all real-time data about the position or status of a shipment to a cloud-based IoT platform. It integrates all processes, processing it into individual feeds for websites, apps, dashboards and user notifications.

It is also possible to detect unpacking of goods or damage to packaging thanks to the light sensor. The appearance and functionality of the system is variable and can be adapted to the client’s requirements.

Customer analysis

Better customer experience thanks to IoT

Who is your customer? Is it more women, men, old or young?

Get valuable demographic data while complying with the strictest privacy and GDPR regulations.

With our advanced video platform, you can accurately analyze visitor behavior, optimize store or building usage, and improve the customer experience. By advertising more appropriately or by reducing queues.

We work with cameras with 3D sensors as well as modern security CCTV cameras and people counters. The equipment can also be supplemented with an infrared sensor.

You can then analyse all the data in a clear application.

Case studies

Pilsner Urquell: Which pallet, stand, or refrigerator sells the most?

  • Achieving an increase in sales on the saturated Czech beer market is an extremely difficult and costly task.
  • After three years of measuring sales from individual POS displays, Pilsner Urquell have declared an end to emotional decision-making and taught the entire company to trust data.  
  • Pilsner Urquell has implemented smart shelves and smart scales from Adastra in 70 stores across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They track everything that influences customers’ buying behavior.  

unique measuring devices in 70 stores across CR and SR

increased sales with optimal pallet placement

pallets can be more efficient than stands

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