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Data is a key management factor in production and logistics. We can help you improve your business and processes and take them to the next level.

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Optimise your production and logistics processes

30 sec.

for automatic load optimization

80 %

decrease in manual planning

39 %

increase in operating profit

90 %

lower paper consumption across the company

Optimisation of manufacturing and logistics

The Optimus platform uses advanced algorithms to automate and optimize a wide range of processes in large-scale operations. The solution is tailored to your business and ensures an early return on investment.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Want to reduce costs? Increase safety? Or give your customers an experience that sets you apart from the competition?We can help you optimize operations and uncover potential savings.


Planning, budgeting, forecasting

Get rid of the “Excel hell” in which even the preparation of regular planning outputs takes days or weeks. Other implementation companies only offer IT solutions. We start with a health check of your current planning and analysis process. Then we use our exceptional technology expertise to solve the problems we discover.


CO2 optimisation

We have a proven track record of delivering processes, methodologies and software to major automotive brands to keep CO2 emissions under control. We can help you too.


Move into the Industry 4.0 era and make data-driven decisions

Our solutions enable fast and reliable data flow from different sources and efficient data processing. As a result, you'll have better visibility into production status, gain valuable insights into equipment and process performance, and can better respond to potential problems or outages.
Advanced analytics and predictive modelling deliver efficiency gains. Innovate manufacturing strategies, improve product quality and achieve greater competitiveness.

IT Transformation & Architecture

We are a one stop shop partner for converting your existing IT ecosystem to a modern, cloud-based, secure, stable and scalable solution.


Implementation of advanced analytics and AI

Truly knowing and understanding your own customers means that the offers you give them reflect their current needs. Together with innovative sales and marketing, you can outperform your competitors.


Data Science and Advanced Analytics

Turn data into business value. As the amount of data stored on Cloud and Big Data platforms grows, so do the opportunities for analytics. Modern business cannot do without advanced data analytics. And that’s exactly the kind of analysis Adastra provides.


Data warehouse

We provide data collection and consolidation from various data sources. We will set up the optimal storage and use of the necessary data. We link data information for more efficient use. The main components of Adastra’s DWH are independent of specific technologies.


Case studies

Customer experience with apps increased by 22% at DPD

DPD, the European leader in parcel delivery, chose the observability platform Dynatrace to provide accurate data to the business about the performance of their applications and systems.

The solution proved most valuable during a time when DPD was addressing slow API and system response issues with one of their business partners. The Dynatrace platform identified a specific problem, which was swiftly resolved.

the current level of customer satisfaction with the applications

it took one month to deploy Dynatrace

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Eurowag built a data lake in the cloud in under a year

Sales, customers and the financial statements for completed acquisitions are immediately integrated into reports to the stock exchange. As soon as a new client...

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ŠKODA AUTO: data transfers on analytics platform are comprehensively managed and monitored by Adastra’s Adoki

In 2018-19, Adastra built an on-premise Data Analytics Platform (DAP) at ŠKODA AUTO. Its purpose? To visualize data and use advanced analytics and artificial...

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Integrating 8 IoT databases and 1 metadatabase to reduce load and save space in the source system

A large automotive company works efficiently with (IoT) sensor data from manufacturing. We have lightened the system load and introduced data retention in the...

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Data Scalability and Protection Are Key in Handling Petabytes From Our Self-Driving Vehicle Tests (Jan Zahradník, Valeo)

In a world where data volumes are measured in exabytes, Valeo is striving to become a leading player in the autonomous vehicles sector. "Data...

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Adastra becomes a strategic partner of Škoda Auto University. Its specialists will teach data management, data science, and artificial intelligence courses

Adastra becomes a long-term strategic partner of Škoda Auto University. Its experts will be involved in teaching data management, data science, and artificial intelligence...

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