Pepper meets ChatGPT

State of the art partnership.

Adastra connected best-of-breed technologies in AI & robotics. ChatGPT is now available on Pepper, giving you access to cutting-edge language (not just chat!) and speech-to-text capabilities.

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Who is Pepper?

Pepper is much more than a robot, he is a genuine humanoid companion created to communicate with you in a natural and intuitive way, through his body movements and his voice. Pepper is kind, cute and full of surprises.

The robot recognizes human emotions and adapts his behaviour to them. Pepper is capable of identifying the principal emotions: joy, sadness, anger or surprise. He is also capable of interpreting a smile, a frown, your tone of voice, as well as the lexical field you use and non-verbal language such as the angle of your head, for example. The combination of all this information enables the robot to determine whether his human interlocutor is in a good or a bad mood.

Read more about what Pepper can do for your business and why having a robot is in here.

Pepper humanoid robot meets ChatGPT

The long-awaited arrival of the ChatGPT technology and its integration with the humanoid robot Pepper has transformed the world of AI and started a revolution in humanoid robotics.

Since the cutting-edge capabilities of both technologies were skilfully combined, the highly innovative language capabilities of ChatGPT have fundamentally changed people’s ability to interact with robots, overcoming its limitations and taking its conversational skills to a whole new level. T

he result is a platform with a huge potential for the foreseeable future. One which a wide number of contexts and industries (entertainment, education, research and customer service, just to name a few) will benefit from tremendously.

State of the art partnership

ChatGPT is a highly intuitive language generation technology. It enables robots like Pepper to respond to human interactions with a natural speech and act as a personal assistant providing personalised information to their questions and preferences.

While Pepper is well-versed in responding to human emotions, ChatGPT supports an even more nuanced, in-depth understanding and response to human emotions.

For example, thanks to ChatGPT, Pepper generates more realistic dialogues that lead to improved user experience, adding a more human element to Pepper’s interactions.

The top benefits of ChatGPT integration in Pepper are:

Increased natural understanding of human language

Integrating ChatGPT with Pepper will help it understand a wide range of human inputs and respond in a more natural and engaging manner

Flexible and tailored communication

Enabling more open-ended conversations and allowing for a more dynamic and customised customer interaction

Boosts the entertainment x-factor

ChatGPT supports various forms of interactive entertainment, making Pepper more engaging and fun, a feature which users will love

Effective education tool


Educational content and support is also part of ChatGPT inventory, increasing Pepper’s educational value in the learning arena

Are you curious to try out or to buy your very own Pepper for your business, along with the latest ChatGPT technology?

We have several options for you.

With us, you can either purchase Pepper individually or purchase it already integrated with the ChatGPT.

If you prefer to try you can book a rental or meet Pepper at our office in Bratislava.

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