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Get the biggest competitive advantage of e-commerce for your store: real-time data on sales and customers. We do everything from strategy to software and sensor development.

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Daily on your dashboard

Number of visitors: how many people came to your store? What is their demographic profile?

Customer’s flow and navigation: where are the sales hot spots in your store and how do you direct customers there?

Sales and campaigns: where in the store are you selling the most and why?

Eliminating out-of-stocks: automatically alerting responsible staff that replenishment is necessary.

Awareness and conversion: how many people stop, browse and buy at your POS?

Demographics: who is my target audience that increases brand awareness and drives sales?

Queue elimination: when do I open the next POS so that queues don’t form?

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30 seconds

takes automatic load optimization

50 %

of questions will be answered by a well-trained bot

39 %

increased operating profit

90 %

lower paper consumption across the company

Pilsner Urquell can increase sales by up to 11% simply by adjusting the placement of pallets in the store

Pilsner Urquell has implemented smart shelves and smart scales from Adastra in 70 stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which track everything that influences customer buying behaviour. Based on the data collected, it can now provide each merchant with detailed information about the secondary location of specific products.

Pilsner Urquell now knows the exact answers to the questions:

  • What is the impact of pallet sales on total sales?
  • Where should pallets be placed?
  • What proportion of total sales are refrigerators?
  • Which product had the largest impulse sales from the PoS rack and in which part of the store?
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Our most frequent requests

How to reduce costs in the long term?

We deliver real data on goods, sales and customers. Which is the basis for cost reduction.

What are the risks of our customer journey?

We measure the customer experience in a brick-and-mortar store as well as in an e-shop.

Who are our buyers and how to reach them?

For each item you know if it was bought by a woman or a man, what age and at what time.

Which of our POS are not working?

Have our expensive POS paid off? Where to strengthen them, where to get rid of them and save money?

How to get rid of the queues at the checkout?

Our solution informs you in time that your goods are running out on the shelf or that queues are imminent.

How to get the most out of your campaign?

Support your retail sales with a tailored advertising campaign for the store and buyers

Complete your orders up to three times faster

Inventory or shelf filling couldn't honestly be any easier or faster. And with Adastra's smart internal logistics solution you get accurate customer flow data.

Case studies

Pilsner Urquell: Which pallet, stand, or refrigerator sells the most?

  • Achieving an increase in sales on the saturated Czech beer market is an extremely difficult and costly task.
  • After three years of measuring sales from individual POS displays, Pilsner Urquell have declared an end to emotional decision-making and taught the entire company to trust data.  
  • Pilsner Urquell has implemented smart shelves and smart scales from Adastra in 70 stores across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They track everything that influences customers’ buying behavior.  

unique measuring devices in 70 stores across CR and SR

increased sales with optimal pallet placement

pallets can be more efficient than stands

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Retail provider detected 70 % of known fraud cases and additional unexpected fraud cases

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Business HUB Covering the main KPIs elimination of manual reporting

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IKEA: 7 stores in 3 Central European countries covered by new data warehouse

The data warehouse project was linked to the customer data quality project. The new DWH collects and centralizes data from 4 IKEA stores in...

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