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Specific businesses and goals often require specific solutions. Whether you need a data warehouse, reporting, complex IoT platforms or mobile applications – we deliver to your requirements.

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Turnkey custom development

We love challenging integrations and large-scale projects. Our reliable delivery (in terms of price and timing) and proven approach contributes to a positive customer experience.

Continuous delivery

Successful project delivery is only the beginning. Ongoing scoping and delivery are the key to long-term cooperation.

SDLC Consultancy

We consult on and implement best-practice SDLC processes, assuring sustainable long-termdevelopment. This includes areas such as Agile or CI/CD automation.

Joint development and team-leasing

How we cooperate is up to you. We can strengthen your teams with our professionals or carry out joint development by providing e2e delivery of the assigned requirements.

Agile methods

Do you have a complex assignment defined only by the vision of the result? We will deliver a solution in an agile way, for you. We have experience from many client projects, but we use agile methods usually in our internal development. We offer training, practical workshops and consultations in Czech language, too.

2nd and 3rd level support

We won’t let you down. As soon as the system is delivered, we are prepared to provide subsequent 2ndand 3rd level support services – even for business-critical systems with strict 24/7 SLA.

30 millions

of end users of our apps


 weeks for initial solution delivery


experienced developers

Project examples

Whatever your needs and situation, you can count on us.


Mobile app development

Do you need an innovative mobile solution but lack the necessary internal resources? We’ll prepare and manage the complete development of your mobile app for you. When developing applications, we work with new technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality).


Agile projects

We have been supplying in an agile way for many years. We have experience from many client projects, but we use agile methods usually in our internal development. We offer what we have tested on ourselves.


Enterprise application integration

We can help you choose the best tool from the vast number of choices available on the market today. Then, our integration team can set up the selected tool and train its future administrators to operate it independently.



With Scala you can create smart and compact code that is fully compatible with Java. With this one language, you can build anything from recommendation engine and machine learning modes to highly abstracted and simple to use data pipelines.

Why choose a customised solution from Adastra

Comprehensive approach

We optimize company processes, including internal operations. We always take into account technical solutions and business objectives in our strategy.

Spectrum of tools

Applications, IoT, data warehouses, AI and custom software – the spectrum of projects is rich, but we always focus on quality over quantity.

Fully in control

We have our own rigorous quality control process – internal processes and tools.

Easier upgrading

Tailored solutions make it easier for you to further integrate and adapt new technologies in the future.

Cooperation options


In this model, we are fully responsible for delivery and operations of the solution. There is a specification of agreed SLAs and KPIs to measure cooperation success.

Team leasing

We will deliver the whole full-fledged team able to arrange a one-time or continuous delivery of your requirements solution. The team can be purely technical, or it can contain analysts or a product owner that ensure clarification of requirements with your stakeholders.

Rental of specialists

Based on your requirements, we can rent you a specialists with required knowledge and skills. They are fully managed by your team leader/project manager. This approach is typically used when you need to complete your team by specific people.

Case studies

O2 Czech Republic has reduced inefficient duplicate communication with their customers

O2 Czech Republic needed a unified lead management system to serve as a targeted communication platform that would effectively connect a group of leads across multiple channels (call centres, sales, direct sales, salespeople, online communication and applications) and automatically enrich them with available information. They also addressed the elimination of duplicate leads and early detection and elimination of potential fraud to keep O2 customers safe.  

cost saving

uptime and availability

service, support and incident resolution

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MetLife: 3x increase in work productivity after replacing paper onboarding with a completely digital process

From architecture design to analytics and development, we created an app for insurance agents for all platforms with a user-friendly interface.  A reduction in...

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DAS: The conversion rate of our website is 2.7%

As part of our cooperation, we delivered a client zone, created an application for DAS SALES sales representatives, cooperated on creating an HR section connected...

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Vodafone: Streamline of Vodafone check-in system

Vodafone wanted to improve their front desk process and check-in experience. We recommended Voontin, to digitalize the sign-in process, in order to make guests’...

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Customers should know what they want. But we talk them out of some of their requirements in the interest of their business needs, says Adastra’s architect and delivery manager Jan Karban.

A customer, such as a bank, should have a short-term and long-term goal and choose the appropriate technology solution that aligns with their business...

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Jakub Novák, ŠKODA AUTO

Jakub Novák (ŠKODA AUTO): Thanks to OPTIKON, we know how to optimize container loads to save resources and avoid expensive air transport within a minute

Where human brains are no longer enough, artificial intelligence will help with the logistics of the pallet. "The algorithm can take into account a...

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