The future of telecom companies lies in data. Become a data-driven company, maximize profits, minimize risks. Perfect use of data will be your competitive advantage.

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Telecommunications - the central driving force in today's digital world

With the entry of IoT and AI into the world of telecommunications, many opportunities are opening up. Let us help you take advantage of them.

Our product solutions match your goals:

Data allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

With data, you can better understand your customers’ needs and offer them exactly what they want.

Artificial intelligence helps you find hidden opportunities, automate processes and do things even faster and more efficiently.

This is just the right mix to help you grow and get happy customers.


Optimus – the large-scale optimization platform for a wide range of operations in a dynamically changing environment – increase the utilization of human, physical and virtual resources.

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Anomaly detection

The Anomaly Detection Framework uses artificial intelligence to detect anomalies, suspicious actions, events and unwanted behavior in large and complex data and in real time.

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Fraud detection using machine learning

Machine Learning Fraud Detection System works as a dynamic detection of fraudulent behavior. It complements your existing lines of defense and helps you identify new types of fraud.

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Automatic processing of customer queries

An intelligent platform for text understanding, data extraction and customer response processing.

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o 90 %

faster problem identification and resolution

1 year

return on investment

30 %

less fraud thanks to AI fraud detection

10 months

took the migration of temporary reporting

Churn model

Customer churn fully under control

We work with churn models in the retail, banking, services and telecommunications domains (in particular predicting churn of fixed internet connections of a telecom operator).

An effective customer churn management process is a good tool to increase the overall profitability of the company. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to understand the value of the customer, their preferences and motivations, as well as the correct cost of retention.

The churn model is the first model that defines the first set of attributes that then form the data base.

The implementation and final state of the attributes is dependent on the exact state of the current data in the DWH. Factors that will affect the final form are:

  • Data availability: existence of data in the data warehouse in the required volume, for a sufficient number of customers.
  • Data quality: is the data complete? Are there data gaps for some periods? Does the data have a high number of missing values, incorrect formats, etc.?
  • Data reliability: how late is the data updated in DWH?
  • History: sufficient history at the required temporal granularity + historicization of changes.
  • Consolidation capability: linking of individual data objects – tables using unique keys.

Predictive models

Create customized offers for clients and increase conversion

Predictive models (Propensity to buy – PtB) assign a customer a probability of buying/activating a product.

Based on PtB models, companies can create personalized offers for clients that are relevant to them, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Thanks to PtB models, the success (conversion rate) of offers increases and therefore the profit of the whole activity.

Effective Lead Management

Digital onboarding and identity verification

90% accuracy of data collected from different image formats

Sign contracts with customers online and in minutes: digital onboarding is fast, the customer gets a response and a decision immediately. At the same time, you get additional data and a high-converting communication channel for your marketing.

Store client data with a single click: no more transcribing data from ID cards or other documents into company systems. With our AI-powered identity verification solution. Just scan the ID card or take a photo on your mobile and send the data from the document to your corporate systems with a single click.

      • verify data to prevent fraud
      • process customer documents quickly and efficiently
      • minimise costs and response times
      • reduce manual work and reduce errors
Automate customer service

Data platform

Process different data sources in real-time mode

We build Cloud, on-premise and hybrid platforms.

We also do application development (frontend and backend).

Cloud solution

Customer Value Management

Work effectively with CLV – based on data

We help organizations work effectively with customer lifetime value.

We do this by setting up or optimizing Customer Value Management (CLV) processes or by tuning PtB and other statistical models.

Effective Lead Management

Case studies

Slovak Telekom digitalized retail processes with a single device

Adastra implemented a store digitalization solution for all Slovak Telekom stores in Slovakia in partnership with ELCOM and Proboston Creative. Thanks to this unique concept featuring a device enabling offer display, Next Best Action, and paperless eSignature with biometry.

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O2 Czech Republic has reduced inefficient duplicate communication with their customers

O2 Czech Republic needed a unified lead management system to serve as a targeted communication platform that would effectively connect a group of leads...

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Integrating public registers to improve data quality

At a large manufacturing company, we have automated data uploads from public registers. This has eliminated errors caused by freely, manually entering data on...

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How we helped to prevent roughly 30% frauds which secured ROI within 1st year

Despite implemented rule-based engine and background check for new customers, our client suffered from application fraud (customers not paying for hardware and postpaid services) and was struggling to...

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O2 cut campaign preparation by 90%

Adastra’s unified lead management has helped O2 Czech Republic reduce the time required to prepare sales campaigns to a tenth of what it was.

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Meet out team: Naďa, Adastra Project Manager

Meet Naďa who has celebrated her 4 years at Adastra and who works as a project manager within data warehouse and cloud projects for...

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